Sugar, Yes, please

Your sugar
Yes, please
Won’t you come and put it down on me
I’m right here, ’cause I need
Little love and little sympathy
Yeah you show me good loving
Make it alright
Need a little sweetness in my life
Your sugar
Yes, please

Won’t you come and put it down on me

The words look familiar isn’t it? Well, this is of course from the Hit song by Maroon 5- Sugar. When you notice all other songs and teachings that we go with, whenever you are down, sad or just feeling low then you need some sugar. 

“Dig into that pint of cookie & cream ice cream, chomp on that bar of chocolate which you will never even give a second glance normally but it is okay now because you are sad. You deserve it”. 

Boy, are we doing ourselves more injustice. I mean, let us not talk about the side effects of just sugar overdose on our body but just stop and feel for ourselves. Nothing more need to be said.

In case some of us do not know that consuming sugar products can make us have the sudden sugar rush thus making one feel excited, happy and maybe a little more energetic but it is not magic at all.
Do yourself a favour, read up a little bit about this amazing compound called sugar. Remember it is not about avoiding the substance totally but it is all about balance and reasonable amount. 
What is disturbing is that if you do not control yourself, sugar will come in and “help” you. If you are wondering how do you get energy from consuming sugar, is simple because they contain loads of calories but no essential nutrients. So the more you consume sugar, you may get more energy but your body will start to be deficient of other essential nutrients which you need to stay alive and healthy.

Sugar is made up of two simple component: glucose (found in all beings and basic healthy sugar) and fructose (not found in any living thing and no known purpose so far)
Glucose is the sugar that gives us satiety and right type of nutrients which our body may need to feel full or less hungry . But having too much of glucose in our body becomes toxic and may create complications for our body and become dysfunctional. One example of metabolic dysfunction is making Insulin (a very important hormone in our body) stop working as it should. you can find out more about insulin resistance here

Fructose on the other hand, is the total opposite. You may feel that as you consume food with high level content of fructose, the more hungry or not satisfied with your meal you are, so you start to consume more. This will translate to an increased calorie intake over time. When everything goes beyond a moderation amount, we get fat and we get sick. 

Sugar is also capable of making one addicted to it, this is because as you consume sugary products, your body releases a chemical called dopamine. This is the organic chemical which gives that adrenalin rush when we consume sweets. When your body feel that instant gratification, your mind tells you that it is good to have more. Unconsciously, your body gets addicted to it and by then it will be too late.

There is always a good and bad in everything that we can eat, key message is to have them in balance and moderation. But also never forget, Know thy enemy know thyself. With that you will know what good or bad these food are doing to you before you eat them the next time round.

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