Tumeric recipe for Face Mask

This past few months, I have been observing natural home made recipe for facial such as mask and exfoliant. If you have not read my previous post on coffee scrub, click here. Here I will share with you a simple face mask using one main ingredient, turmeric. As I read up more on natural ingredients which I can make into my own facial, I get to learn new things everyday. Turmeric have been used across Asia for centuries. Be it as beauty mask or even in cooking, this is on common ingredient. 

Basically my rule of ingredient is simple, it has to be a common thing that I find in my kitchen, so it meets the budget and it is safe for everybody. What you can eat, it will be safe on your face (of course unless you are allergic to it, ya).

Just a slight introduction of turmeric benefits, it has been know to work wonders in giving glowing skin, get rid of acnes as well as eczema. How can something so simple be so wonderful. I gotten curious and google scholar searched “turmeric”.

There is a component called curcumin found in turmeric. Studies on curcumin have shown results that it contains anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anti fungal properties. So when we use this on our face, it can help to reduce redness (Rosacea), inflammation (pimple/acne) and with its antioxidant properties, it helps in skin rejuvenating by softening lines and wrinkles.
Basically, when I was looking for a recipe to solve my pimple marks and spots, I was also looking for something that can help to make my skin look fresh and clean.

I did a simple recipe using turmeric and lemon juice, which is going to be a natural lightener. It also contains vitamin C and citric acid, which can help to brighten and lighten my skin. Apart from that, lemon also contains antioxidant as well as antibacterial properties. Perfect combi to battle ageing and acne.

There are plenty of ways which you can make the mask with turmeric and I chose to use lemon to make my mask.

1 teaspoon of turmeric
1-2 teaspoon of lemon juice (freshly squeezed).

It has to be made into a paste so that it can be applied to your face smoothly. You can adjust the amount of juice according to the consistency of the mask. . If your mixture becomes too watery, just add more turmeric.
For my mask, I used organic turmeric powder, you can get just any kind of turmeric powder from the supermarket or spice store. It doesn’t have to be organic but if you have it, then why not. It simply means less pesticide was used and lesser chemical of course.

Add the two ingredients together till it turn into a paste-like mixture and apply it to my face. I focus more on areas where I have clear pimple spots/marks, then I gradually apply it over my forehead, cheek and nose.
Leave it on for about 10-15minutes, subsequently wash it off with water. I do not use any more soap or cleanser as we do not want the turmeric effect to be washed away by any other chemicals.

There are turmeric masks which you can leave on your face overnight, this will include other kind of ingredients as lemon juice may be too acidic to be left too long on your face. Have fun trying it and enjoy the whole process as you move towards youthful looking skin~ Juvenescent

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