Last Quarter shopping

As we start the last quarter of the year 2015, some of you may know that I am going for a revamp of my bedroom and change to a different bedroom concept (I will update you again in my other posts). Inevitably, I have to start giving away or getting rid of stuff which I do not need. Personally I have clear habit of throwing away stuff so I just keep the necessary but I still do think I have a lot of rubbish HAHHAHAHA.
There are many ways for me to clear my stuff, either I give them to my friends or I drop them at Salvation Army; two of the places which I regularly frequent. Other than that, I used to sell them on Carousell, however time gets the best of me when I want to just clear them asap.
In October also, I look forward to the party of the year at the end of the month! Yes, I am referring to Halloween. I start to look for options of costume which I also can wear on normal days. See my point? why would I waste money on clothes which I can only wear once? No sense more like nonsense.
So I started looking frivoulously on my usual ย online store like zalora where they hold a few of my favourite brands. In my head, I was thinking of either plain white or plain black outfit, the exact theme I won’t say it here till the day cause you know….surprise element hehehhe. In 2015, the trend of the kimono outer or baggy blouse and oversized dress is so IN, these I Like. Definitely I am going to enjoy parading the outfits on normal days apart from the party!
I have laid out some of my picks from the Topshop Singapore collection, can you guess along the line of my inspired costume? I bet you can’t cause I purposely mixed and matched the items and out of these groups, I may be keen only in one or two of the items. It will remain a secret till death do us apart, eh I mean till October 31 right? #Halloween
Unfortunately for me too, some of the clothes which I kinda like the design do not come in suitable sizes for me, so I can only keep that idea in mind while I still browse around. But I love watching the different trends and styles on Zalora to give me inspiration to come up with various pieces. Coupled with pinterest, the idea machine goes Boom Boom Pow!

Are you ready for the October parties tho’? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.

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