Benefits of Banana for skin

Banana being rich in potassium, Vitamins A,b,C, lectin and amono acid. Some of us may know of the possible benefits and goodness of banana for health such as lowering high blood pressure, promotes good cardiovascular health, good in treating diarrhea and have ample supply of fibre which our body needs. In this post, I am going to share with you the benefits of banana for our skin instead.

Remember what I said previously, if it is good to eat then it will be good for our skin as well. So I read up about facial mask using banana and any other use of the banana fruit. Lo and behold, there are soome good output from this fruit.

Banana is rich in vitamins (listed above) plus other phytochemicals (natural chemical compound in plants), at the same time it is also a powerful anti-ageing agent. What better way to use it other than a face mask.

The instructions are just so simple, all I used was one banana in fact half (cause I ate the other half hahahaha)

1: Mash it up and then apply it to my face.
2: I left it on for 20mins, just a note while I am doing all these natural food mask (be it the yogurt or turmeric or fruits I lie down to better keep the product on my face. Unlike normal face mask where it just plaster on I am still able to move around when needed but for this it is highly advised for you to just lie down and rest for that 20 minutes). The benefits of the banana is that it prevents breakout as it also controls the oil and moisturises the skin.
3: After 10-15minutes, I wash my face off with warm water and then cold water. Followed by applying some moisturiser.

You may think that is that all? Let me share with you one more use of the banana….peel. Yeah you are right, the peel/skin of the banana have a lot of uses when I was looking for it online. I will include them in another post but for now here is one option which I used…for removing pimples. I usually get pimples either on my chin or cheek, I applied for a week topically on my face the banana peel. Gently scrub the peel and exfoliate the skin at the same time. Then I wash off my face about 5mins later, repeat this for a week and the pimple gradually decrease in size and then it goes away without a mark!
I do not have to poke or burst a pimple (which I hated to do, yet I also hate pimples on my face). Do try them if you are not allergic to bananas!
Remember, use only fresh bananas so when you are doing the mask, and eating the rest use the peel at the same time. Do not keep leftover bananas and re-use them.

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