How to clear your Monday Blues?

Most of us may be feeling dreadful on Sunday as Monday is just coming around the corner and we get anxious, weary and sad as the time past. We keep thinking of work starting tomorrow and more sh*t that you will be facing. Let’s take it this way, we are just not prepared and that is why we get all those jittery feels just like going on a first date…aye aye aye *wink.

So I cannot tell you how to remove that Monday blues but I can share with you some suggestions to make Monday more acceptable for you 😉

1. Practise good self-control. make Sundays a day off work and give yourself time to relax. Do something out of the norm, if you have been inside the office the whole week, with your computer then stay away from the computer on sunday. Read some books, talk with family members or friends or catch a movie, take a long bath or enjoy some pampering session like spa or something.

2. Prepare in mind and list down in writing how your monday is going to turn out. Put them in order of priorities and preferences. but bear in mind, that this doesn’t mean things would not change however it prepares you a checklist to get things completed efficiently. When I am functioning in office, I prepare my list on friday before I leave office. On mondays when I start, my gears start on auto-mode. 😀

3. Pack your bag and clear any work due first thing on sunday. It is good to be able to sleep in on sunday, and when you wake up first thing is get any last minute work done and keep them away ready to bring to work the next day. When these gets completed, you free up your mind and heart to release and enjoy your Sunday.

4. Sleep early, the more you worry about monday coming. The more tired you will be the next day. Brave up yourself, tell yourself you are a warrior ready for challenges on monday 🙂 Have a good night rest.

You have just read my 3P1S scheme, hahhaha hope that you enjoy your Sunday and have a great week ahead!

“I want every hour to be my happy hour”

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