Current Favourite Moisturiser : Bioré UV Aqua Rich Water Gel

AS we age, our skin gets more vulnerable to wrinkles, fine lines as such. Yet, prolonged exposure
 to the sun will only increase the harmful effect of  UV rays and these components can create a drastic change of ageing and deterioration of our cells. In more extreme cases, it may lead to skin cancer even.

As part of my daily routine and applying make-ups, face cleansing is a part of the package which we should not skip. I used to work till late and by the time I reach home, I will just grab a quick shower and crash on my bed. Only since recent 1-2 years that I start to take better care of my face (okay maybe it’s because as I was approaching 30 everything becomes crystal clear Ref: fine lines, dark spots and wrinkles). I put in a daily regime of facial care and weekly facial and body spa. It is all a matter of space and time, there can never be a no-time for myself because if I do not give myself attention then why should others.

After using a cleanser and toner to clear off make-up, I place emphasis on another part which is moisturising. Having different layers of make-up (foundation, bb cream, primer, etc), already blocks the skin from regular breathing and maintaining moisture. So think of it as a protection before putting on the other products. It is like the preparation stage too where the make-up will look more enhanced on a clear and smooth canvas.

As you can see before I go to work, my skin needs to be prepped to moisturise and sunscreened. But there will not be any clear differences after applying the water gel. It is just a smooth application and then I can apply my make-up after that.

In the morning, one of my go-to moisturiser currently will have be Biore UV Aqua rich water gel. All of the different moisturisers which I have used before are similar in one way. That is it is either water based or gel type. It has to be light on the skin as well since we tend to perspire a lot in such a balmy Singapore weather. With specially formulated ingredients, this water gel is suitable for both face and body.

Fact: Just because you are indoor, that doesn’t mean that you would not need sunscreen! I have my daily regime for morning as well as night time. Even during on my off days or while I am working on my writings from home, I do follow with my sunscreen moisturiser to care for my skin. This is because the UVA rays from the sun can continue through the glass windows, even prolonged exposure to fluorescent lights have their disadvantage. Our skin continues to get exposed to harmful effects which can lead to cumulative damage such as pre-matured ageing.

If you have read up on sun protection / SPF, it would have provided information such that it does not mean the bigger the number, the better. In fact as the number reaches 30 or at 50, which is the ideal specific level as it blocks up to 98% of UVB rays (causes most damage to outer layer of skin such as reddening of skin and sunburns) from penetrating our skin. Anything higher, it will be reflected in the consistency of the sunscreen. It becomes more heavier and greasier.

While I was using the newly improved formula Bioré UV Aqua Rich Water Gel, I was impressed that my skin stayed light and watery after application. I reapplied it everytime after I wipe off my perspiration in this hot and humid weather of Singapore.

With the benefits such as superior UV block (enhanced SPF50+/ PA++++), it gave me the maximum protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun. Yet it also manage to retain the light and watery texture which allows me to have a smooth application without a sticky feel. Especially in Singapore’s balmy weather, anything additional on the skin makes me uncomfortable. With the infusion of hyaluronic acid and citrus extract, my skin continues to be hydrated and fresh the whole day. 
For a compact size of 90ml, it costs just S$18.90 and it is available at all leading pharmacies, super & hypermarkets, department stores and selected minimarts.

Do remember to apply sunblock when we go out in the sun or even stay indoors.  For my friends who are working outdoors or simply love sunbathing, please have proper protection, to prevent permanent effects such as premature ageing, wrinkles, freckles, dryness or even in some extreme cases it can lead to skin cancer.

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