World First Ground Breaking Revolution: Aures

I had the opportunity to attend a media launch of the world first technology and newest brainchild of Ariston, AURES. For those of you who are not aware of the brand Ariston or you think you do not know, Ariston is one of the longest and leading brand for water heaters all the way from Italy. The purpose of the new creation technology is to redefine our shower experience with Constant Temperature.

Well, apparently most of us have faced such common problems with water heaters:
1 Not being able to read the temperatures outside thus not climatizing immediately to our desired temperature.

2 Simply wasting time, water and money letting the water run till it get to an ideal level.

3 Worst of all, is to get scalded by your heater during showers!

Being common and repetitive issues, many of us have just forced themselves to adapt to it and accept it as a fact. Well, be ready to be blown away, cause the solution is here!

Ariston Thermo (Ariston) is the industry’s leading purveyor of heating and water heating solutions from Italy. Ariston is the first in the world and in Singapore to launch the Constant Temperature technology and concept in the water heating market through its Electric Instant Water Heater (EIWH) series. With a high quality Italian-designed water heaters, they are surely re-engineered to provide a whole new level of comfort.

Looking back at our main concerns: saving water, saving energy and safety. The new Ariston EIWH models are built with a flow sensor, a series of Negative Temperature Coefficient sensors and TRIAC. All these allow the heater to work their magic to measure the temperature and flow of water entering the heater and adjust the power of the heating.

All the terms may seem technical to most of us while some of you may understand what the differences and purpose each sensors have but I will share on the benefits of each technology when put together for the sake of everyone. 

Traditional instant water heaters in the market produce water at varying temperature and users have to adjust it to our preferred level every single time. Which means we also let the water run to let ourself adapt to the temperature. Inevitably, we are wasting water and energy at the same time.

How the Constant Temperature technology works, is that it remembers the exact temperature that you want thus assuring comfort, water & energy efficiency. On the other hand, safety is also being addressed as the chance of scalding is lessened nearly to none. Imagine young children using the shower and when they turn on the water heater, they may not know how to control the water heater well and this could just lead to an accident of scalding or another. A special feature in the Ariston EIWH series water heaters will be the NTC sensors which accurately detect water inlet temperature. If the temperature is too high, it will not heat the water flowing into the heater and will also warn the user through a blinking triangle icon on the heater. If any of us may be concern with the electronic structure inside, Ariston prides itself on the Total Safety System (TSS) and is guaranteed by Ariston products all over the world. The water heaters have indeed been properly certified even with the world’s strictest quality and safety standards such as International Electrotechnical Commision (IEC) and Singapore Standards (SS).

Launching in Nov/Dec 2015

Available in Q2 2016

Accessories that comes together will complement the aesthetics

While I was looking at the display set of the new AURES series, the design is premium and aesthetically stunning to look at. Of course that would be the minimum standard to expect from the UP DESIGN, which is a famous and established Italian design firm well recognised in several industries from applicances to automotive. Some of us take pride in making out our bathroom a haven to take a relaxing shower and spa after a long day of toil at work/school. More than just a water-heating product, these series are termed as “water furniture” to complement modern and beautifully designed bathrooms.

At the end of the day, it is all about minimum energy and maximum comfort. For people like me, who would be concern not only with skincare the right temperature of water is important to us. Having a warm shower helps to release stress and open pores to clear toxins, while taking a cold shower surprisingly have a few benefits for our body as well.

Representatives from their South East Asia office as well as the main frontline people were present to share with us on the new technology and also answer any questions that we have. On a whole, it was a totally fruitful experience for me as I would not have imagine how life-changing this Revolutionary technology can be for all of us.
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If you want to see one of this beauty yourself, they are available from all authorised dealers in Singapore and the price range starts from S$199 only. Bear in mind that Ariston are still working towards excellence in their line of products, the models will hit the store during the remaining quarter of the year and some will be available by Q2 of 2016.

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