IMPRESSIONS by Lim Tze Peng Exhibition

Recently, I went for a private exhibition of a renowned local artist Lim Tze Peng. Held in conjunction with his 95th birthday which falls on 28 September, the exhibition was a grand showcase of 95 of his old and new masterpieces.

This well-known maestro began practising calligraphy at a young age and as he grew and progress his skills which were self-taught. He believes that once the strong foundation has been achieved, it is easy to change the style of writing thus allowing the integration of different styles and combination of characters.

Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the yellow tone of paint was gold, shiny gold colour. It made the whole masterpiece a glorious artwork on display.

He created his own unique style of abstract calligraphy, 糊塗字 (Hu Tu Zi). The unique style of layering his works atop one another. Creating a masterpiece of cursive words which take on an abstract form and the original characters become almost unrecognisable.

Being Singapore’s significant living artist at the moment, his masterpieces include an amazing range of history in arts such as Chinatown, the kampung life and Singapore River. His influences lies during his growing up days during the imperative period of Singapore going through modernization and change from the Old to the New Singapore.

As I was admiring his masterpieces on display, I feel a sense of belonging and Singapore in those pictures. I can never live in those times but through his art, I feel, I see and I sense the reminiscence of a place we call home. The intricate details and tinge of colours used depicts the nostalgia that he has towards his surrounding and his art.

To him, calligraphy and paintings are intextricably linked together cause when he writes, impressions of paintings form in his mind. Truly the thoughts of someone who enjoys in-depths explorations and keeping memories of his travel and familiar locations.

He have numerous solo and group exhibitions both local and international, Mr Lim’s masterpieces are exhibited in the Singapore Art Museum and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. They made their way into many prestigious collections as well.

He has been bestowed several awards including:

  •  The Special Prize at the Commonwealth Art Exhibition in England in 1977
  •  National Day Award (PBM), Singapore
  •  The prestigious Cultural Medallion in Singapore in 2003 in recognition of his contribution to    the country’s art and culture
  •  In May 2012, he broke records with the sale of his works at a Christie’s auction in Hong Kong.

Whether you are an amateur or an aesthete, if you would like to catch these glorious masterpieces or maybe own one of them for your home. Head on down to the exhibition:

IMPRESSIONS by Lim Tze Peng Exhibition Details
Date: 13 October – 30 November 2015
Time: 11am – 9pm (Sunday to Thursday); 12pm – 10am (Friday & Saturday)
Venue: Ode to Art Platform @ 4th Floor Raffles City Convention Center (Foyer Area).
Ticket details: Free admission

Call 6250 1901 or email for further enquiries.

One of the art piece which was on display however not part of Mr Lim’s art but the colours and the story, it got me 🙂

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