Shopping for SkinFood Products with zsiti

In my scape for natural and organic facial and beauty care, I do my best to read up and learn from experts about beauty and skincare. I am currently a fan of korean facial products 🙂 due to the way they market their products as well as how koreans mostly emphasize a lot on good skin.

However, in this post I am going to share about one of the recent brand, SkinFood Singapore which has been around for quite a while but I have not purchased any skin care products from them really. It could have been a casual face mask or lip scrub but nothing fancy that I can remember.

With that in mind, I gotten 3 things to try out: A facial mask, serum and a loose powder. Each item plays a different role in both my morning as well as night routine.
For the face mask, I gotten the Rice Mask which is a wash off mask. I must say firstly that the smell of the mask is so good. Rice on its own is full benefits, but the skin(or rather the bran) is known to be good for a lot more purpose. It is known as a healthy oil in Japan where they use it for some health purpose like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, improving liver functions, etc and it can also be applied directly to the skin to treat eczema.

The best option is to be able to obtain real rice bran right? But if we are not able to then alternatives are to get these natural ingredients in a packed manner like what Skinfood is doing. I have been using the rice mask for about a good one month, about once a week. The good thing about this wash off mask, the texture makes it suitable as an exfoliator however unlike other exfoliator which may contain some rough beads inside the product, this rice mask is much more gentle on my skin.
I see my skin lightening after every session of exfoliation and washing, but mostly I feel my skin smiling from within as it gets fed with healthy food.

As for the black sugar perfect first serum, let’s move on after saying how delicious the smell is. I guess for serum it is too short a period of one month for me to see any difference or improvement because firstly my skin is not that bad to begin with aside from occasional pimples popping out. Furthermore, I have been on a regular facial routine so my skin is contained. As long as I do not see any break outs after 1 few tries or one week, I will deem it as suitable for my skin.

The other item I am raving about right now is the buckwheat loose powder (transparent). Okay so it seem like this purchase I was going for the “rice concept” but honestly I am a big fan of rice “cos we Asian” XD So I just had to. Anyway, buckwheat is something that is known to have amazing benefits on skin, hair and health. Personally I have a buckwheat filled pillow for my sleep which helps me to have a better quality of sleep every night. Of course in terms of health, it aids in weight loss, cardiovascular health as well as diabetic friendly. As for skincare, buckwheat is rich in minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc and manganese. It also have a strong content of antioxidants which can prevent premature-ageing. To sum it all up, it creates a glowing and youthful looking skin. The same as the rice mask, the buckwheat loose powder smells fantastic and I am so in love with it everyday. Not only does it mattify and hold my foundation/cc cream but it makes my face so much easier to handle make-ups!

You can get skinfood products from the retail store or like what I did, I buy them online from preferred stores like zalora for instance. It is the best option for me so far who loves internet shopping!

I am looking to try their other products which I have seen people talking about it currently like the black sugar scrub and the argan oil hair mask/essence. Are you using skinfood products too, what should I get next? Share with me below and do remember to follow me on my social media:

Twitter: @ zsiti
Instagram: @ zsiti_
Facebook: @ sitishyuhaila
Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.

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