Wu Qiong Art Exhibition, Here And Now 在这里 (8 Nov – 21 Nov)

For the art lovers, here is one exhibition that you can’t miss. Once again it is held in Ode to Art, you can get to see works of internationally acclaimed sculptor and painter, Wu Qiong.

He is back after a year’s preparation with his collection Here and Now (在这里), which is also a milestone presentation for the artist who is celebrating his transition to sculpting. Putting up the latest masterpieces that are recently created, his purpose is to allow the audience to have open-ended interpretations and portray powerful emotions and feelings.
Looking at the exhibits on display, one will notice the distinctive trades of the characters, having their eyes closed and mouths agape with upturned faces and eyes shut tight. Wu’s distinctive cartoon style is obvious and it fits into the aesthetics of a generation absorbed with graphic novels, comics, digital worlds, animation and gaming. Thus with the recurring use of this facial expression, Wu hopes to tap upon this notion to allow viewers to draw our own associations with the different scenarios presented in his works.

As Wu states, he wishes to engage in a dialogue with his viewers through his works. That could happen through the scenarios that he introduced to provoke the thoughts or trigger memories and experiences. He hopes to resonates with the viewers the richness of his works filled with common emotions and considerations of society even if the situation and contexts which he presented them in, do not.
With such goal statement that he had purpose his masterpieces to have, I took the moment to appreciate each of his artwork. A maestro of oil painting, Wu has been experimenting with the medium of sculpture and casting in bronze. These are all featured in Here and Now. The unique point of the sculptures will be the fact that they are created directly from his paintings. It gives a continuous flow of the entire collection as a whole.


He is also featuring 2 works of his student, Eleanor Lee (Quan Yi Feng’s daughter). As he continues to learn and seek for perfection in art and exploring new style, he is also proud to showcase the works of his student which involves a collaboration of the two artists. It amazes me how the two distinctive artistic style became fitted into one wholesome masterpiece.
The exhibition was launched on 8th November 2015 with the media and artistes who graced the event and it will run all the way till 21st November 2015.

I would like to extend this invitation to all of my readers to the exhibition, and appreciate the works that have been put up on display. For those who are asking if the works can be purchased, they are available as well however as to what I know most or some of the artworks have already been sold or booked. Though it will not harm if you can ask the curators when you are there. Wu’s painting have been acquired by the Beijing Poly International Auction, the biggest auction house in China.
Here and Now by Wu Qiong Exhibition Details
Date: 8 November – 21 November 2015
Time: 11am – 9pm (Sunday to Thursday); 12pm – 10am (Friday & Saturday)
Venue: Ode To Art Raffles City Gallery
252 North Bridge Road, #01- 36E/F Raffles City Shopping Center, Singapore 179103
Ticket details: Free admission
Call 6250 1901 or email info@odetoart.com for further enquiries.

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