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Good and perfect eyesight is something which I wished that I have. Coupled with a a lot of gadgets which we are so easily accessible to (handphones, laptop, computers, ipad, etc), my precious eyes are seemingly tortured everytime. As much as I like to wear contacts on a daily basis, I can feel my eyes getting more tired day after day. So in recent 1-2 years, I try to reduce the times I am depending on contacts, even when I am travelling I prefer a pair of glasses.
A few of my friends have done lasiks and they shared with me their joys of the newfound vision but being the typical fearful me, it has not moved me to make that appointment even until now. I still find joy in matching my glasses to my OOTD or OOTN ( Outfit of the day/Outfit of the Night). Call me old-fashion but I still have that word “fashion” tagged to it J
My recent trip to Hong Kong, was accompanied by the Hannah Cat Eyes

Chill, Cool attitude. What do you want?
On flight ready for take off

I recently received my new prescription glasses which I ordered from GlassesShop. I was browsing through the different frames that they have and at such an amazing price! I am so into the cat-eyes design recently and with my broad face, a slightly elongated and wide lens suit me perfectly.
The listings allow me to shop by shape of the lens, such as square, round or cat eye, I favourited a few to decide later on. In the end, I chose a Hannah Cat Eye in black frame and I obtain my prescription from my optician (which is just located at my block here as well).  Did I mention that the lens have an anti-scratch coating as well?
If any of you were wondering, how do I decide whether the design fits me to a tee, well let me tell you a secret. I actually don’t! Firstly, I believe that I can carry most designs well (oh my, that level of confidence is arrogant there) or you can choose to believe that the product info is detailed enough for me to gauge the design/measurement and fitting for my facial feature.
Talk about convenience and being lazy, I must say it is a pair matched in heaven…hehehe

Sweet, young, old thing 
Now, what was the question? The light is upon me but I haz no answers~
There is an option for prescription lens or even just the frame. As mentioned earlier on, I took the single vision lens for my daily use. These come free with my frame. When I have added on the item to my cart, PayPal or credit card generally accepted payment mode.  Shipping is free for orders over $49, otherwise standard shipping cost is $4.95ß-still a fabulous deal of cheap glasses!
Delivery worldwide takes about 7-20 working days, I received my item generally in 3 weeks time but I was not in any hurry for it. I just checked in regularly to track my orders and see that it is still there being processed and still in transit. Finally after receiving the first pair, I am so in love with it and I am wearing it consistently everyday. I take care of the lens so that it can last long without scratches and it simply matches most of my get-ups!
Customary Toilet Mirror Selfie
For a casual night or an official work day, my glasses accessorize my whole look. Now, I am considering getting the sunglasses, having prescription or tinted lens seem like a favourable option for me. Wearing galsses more often than not, I need better protection for my eyes from the sun and UV rays.

Home Sweet Home~ Singapore!
Here comes the exciting part for my dear readers, you can use my special coupon code: GSHOT50 and get 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames excluded). CLICK here today to view all the designs!

*disclaimer please note that the prices are all in US currency so with the discount coupon of 50%, it will be a worthwhile purchase. Share this deal with your friends so they do not miss out on such a great deal.

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.

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