Black Friday Shopping 2015 with Shopback!

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Black Friday sales and deals this November …. One of the most awaited event every year. While most of us in Asia (Singapore included) may not celebrate or actually have the event at our stores here (I just can’t imagine such crowd happening in stores, noooo) we are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy spectacular discounts on online US stores right from the comfort of our own home.

You can get discount codes and coupons from Reebonz, ASOS, TaoBao and more with Shopback.

What I want to share is to further make your online shopping experience as cool as mine…hehehe. Simply by a means of enjoying cash rebates, I mean we already enjoy discounts and whoooping low prices but no harm in getting cash rebates still right?

Some of you may not know of the features of Shopback SG, I am a strong believer of cash rebates, I mean anything that gives me money back for shopping I love! So far I have been using it mainly on online shopping for clothes, food and of course my favourite travelling partner,
When I first clocked in the amount of rebates via, I was skeptical since it took so long to be able to cash out however it was due to the fact that I have not utilised the hotel booking. So it actually prevents fake booking and wrong payouts. I was also lucky in the past one year to qualify for the bonus payouts and they really paid it into my account!

I am amazed beyond redemption right now.
It was simple to create an account.
Firstly, I registered with my facebook account (for simplicity sake, or you can create using just an email) and then when I want to get the cashback, I will click the shopping link (be it Agoda, Foodpanda, Zalora, etc) through the shopback website and then I Shop as per normal.
Give it 2-3 days, before logging into shopback again and you will see the projected amount, which will be paid into your Shopback account.
I linked my bank account so that when I withdraw the cash, it will be deposited into my account. They also allow payments into Paypal if you would prefer that.
I feel the checking stage is really important because I have seen missing cash coupons not being rebated into my account or simply it was rejected, all I have to do was to report that transaction, immediately I gotten an email notification that they are looking into my case and most of the times, they would firstly credit the amount into my account while investigation goes on. So far 5 out of 5 times, I would get the payout, the rejection could be a drop in links between the vendors and shopback site but it’s not a big issue.
Are you then ready for Black Friday, 27thNovember? Just for you, newcomers to Shopback., click on this link here and you will get $5 into your account immediately. Then continue shopping lah! (oh pardon that singlish “lah” please).

Hope everybody enjoys the festivities and happy shopping!

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.

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