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Dear readers,

Are you hunting for a home? A place to stay? Or simply a property to operate? Here I am pleased to share with you on a new gizmo, it may not be fully considered a gadget but more like a tool to equip you with the necessary information which you would need.
Remember a lot of knowledge may not mean a thing but applied knowledge is power. Even if you have a lot of information at your fingertips, if they do not serve the rightful purpose then you are just going to be drowned by them.

Begining of November 2015, I went for a media launch of the site by at Republic Plaza Tower Club, it is of course a small cozy gathering for the media and bloggers. After about 2-3 weeks of trying out the site myself and sharing with specific friends who fits the bill. I do my best to capture their response and do up my own feedback at the same time.

So within the past 1 year, a new site called has come up with a truly wholesome platform which is set to put your mind to rest. There are a couple top property search sites in Singapore like PropertyGuru, iProperty, and many more. But as a comparison, they have a common traits which is you just look for the properties which you want according to district, property type, number of bedrooms and probably price.

All search sites satisfy this basic need, so it’s a tick for all. Being able to list down nearby amenities and transport details is a also a cinch. But what makes one notch higher is the ability to forecast, let’s say determine the areas which we frequently go like work/school/shopping and find a common midpoint and public transport means to get to know the area better.
Let’s go into an illustration. Firstly, I will start off with a location that I am keen in, for example central area.
I am working in Orchard Road, while my brother works in West Coast, my dad works in Sixth Avenue and we like to stay in an area with at least a shopping mall. I will enter all these data into the search engine.
What Propquest would deliver to me are the routes to be taken by car or public transport (listing the bus services number) and how long approximately it will take to get to my destination. This means on one platform, I can get more out of it. Rather then opening many different tabs or serach sites trying to piece my own map together, this one platform will do all that for me. It goes beyond just informing the public what is the nearest MRT/Schools/Amenities. Not that I am saying that is not good but it can better of course.
Now, after I have seemingly chosen a favoured venue or property I would need to check not only my affordability but I need to have a grasp of the bank loan’s rates that are currently in the market.  I can click on the Loan Wizard tool and enter the information such as loan amount, loan tenure, building state and property type plus a few more other options and the next thing you know, the available loan packages are displayed right on your screen.
While you are browsing and if you have questions which you would like to know about the property or area, you can simply start a conversation with the agents, who would receive the message directly on their mobile, which means when both  parties are available, the chat goes on live immediately. Supposedly someone leaves the chat, the agent will receive a message that you have logged off.  Again the real time operations that we are talking about, who likes waiting?

What I like further about site is that I can browse online without logging or registering an account. However if I do register an account with them (which is FREE of course), I can add or save the properties, which I have viewed into my favourites list for future reference.
In such a time of information and technology at our fingertips, I like the simplicity this site have to offer for me. I no longer have to skip between the google maps and property search engine and trying to fit everything into my mind. It is like I am trying to create a mind map physically. Which is of course absurd as life should be much more easier by depending on technology and not get thumbed down by technology.

Have a go and share with your friends who are on the search for new homes or places to rent. Click the link here and surf through the experience yourself. Just know that you will be doing your friends who may be coming here to study or to work a really Big Favour. Most friends that I know who comes to Singapore to study or work really find this part of house hunting a chore, because we always want the perfect match. Go on, we always want to get our dream home~

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.

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