LPG Endermospa | 10% Peeling Procedure Experience


After the recent launch of the LPG Endermospa latest technologies in Singapore, I was exposed to a few new facial treatments and beauty care. You can read more about it in my previous post here. In this post, I am going to share on my experience doing the LPG 10% Peeling Procedure. This is a process which will encourage the regrowth of cells in our skin and removing the top layer just to make way for new skin cells. The best thing of course, is that the treatment is a non-evasive and non-surgical procedure. The whole process took about 60 mins and from the beginning to the end, my therapist (Alice) took very good care of me.
The whole session begin with a cleansing of my face. Although I did not put on make-up since I was going for my facial I had applied sunscreen. Most of the time, generally I do not know what goes on my face while doing the treatment. This was mainly because of the soothing music playing in the background and the serenity inside the place. But I can recall vaguely amidst my relaxed mood, Alice mentioning to me when she is using the LPG machine, applying the serum on my face and putting on the mask. She was also asking if the air conditioning was too cold for me and making sure the blanket covering was neat and proper. Inevitably, I was still awake during the session.
Coming back to the LPG machine, my treatment is called 10% Peeling Procedure, initially I had the worry that it was going to be painful or my face would drastically peel really bad after the whole thing but the therapists assured me “oh, no pain one” 😀 It was just me being silly.
I could feel there was an application of the solution/cream with my eyes covered with a cotton pad, which I believed is to protect my eyes. Then my face was fully cleaned. Subsequently is the exciting part when the LPG machine was used. When Alice place the main tubing on my face, it felt like many little fishes sucking on the surface. It took me about 5 seconds to get used to the sensation and then I was just playing the vision in my mind of little fishes biting on my face. Truth be told, it felt a little bit similar to the fish spa, if any of you have tried that is the closest feel this whole treatment felt like.
Alice was very delicate in focusing the specific areas of my face, starting from the left lower cheek, she traced in line all the way to the neck and then row by row she let the machine work its magic. The droning sound of the machine was also hypnotizing in a way as it was monotonous until it blends into the surrounding. Only when once section is completed then there will be a beeping sound and that means Alice will change to another part of my face, like the right side or the chin area and then forehead and nose.
This treatment also focused on awakening the cells, to regenerate and reproduce more new skin cells, thus far I imagine it will push away the dead cells and replace itself thus leaving me with a youthful looking skin.
It felt like forever but I have no complain whatsoever. The main bulk of the treatment would be on the machine itself, as after that I had a simple facial cleansed and lotion before a mask was applied.
Coolly, it was an utter heaven experience, with the pouring rain outside and inside the chilly room snuggled under the blanket, oh my, I just want to say that my face have a better life than me…XD. After the mask was removed, I had a few minutes of facial massage to end the whole session. Looking into the mirror, of course I would not expect any miracle but I do hope to see any effect in a day or 2.

Each and every individual is different and we should seek professional advice when it comes to facial treatment technology. I know it would be awesome if we have our own personal therapist at home but no we do not J.

You can fix an appointment with LPG®Endermospa therapist by contacting them at: +65 6734 6626
 The centre is located at 391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City, Tower B #05-22A Singapore 238872.

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