Staying in an AirBNB apartment in Kowloon

When I was in Hong Kong, one of my accommodation was inside an apartment which I booked via AirBNB. Doing a solo trip to Hong Kong, I was staying in other hostels but since I also wanted to try staying inside a Hong Kong home so I decided to choose a single room to stay in. Lucky for me, I chanced upon this apartment in Park On Building.

Few days before I reached Kowloon, the owner Zyla was very friendly and helpful with my enquiries. I was staying in Hong Kong island before that so I had to do up some laundry and I was planning where to go and what to see when I am over in Kowloon.

The reason why I chose Park On Building is of course firstly, the location, then the amenities and accessibility. I would have to say that Hong Kong is a very walk-friendly country (does that even make sense?). It was like weather was good and everything is reachable and within walking distances, even when I was lost it was still a moment of discovery as I cover those areas. Being a crowded country like Singapore, we should never let our guard down at any point of time. Pick-pockets, thefts or any other crime may still occur so we still have to be more vigilant.

Talking about safety aspect, first and foremost Hong Kong do not sleep. I mean even in the darkest hour it is never dark! It is well lit by the buildings and lightings and stuff and they have plenty of eateries which operates all the way through the night. In my building itself, there is a 24 hour security sitting beside the lift which has a LIVE CCTV and video so we can see who is inside the lift or if anything goes on (but honestly, the lift is so small like duh~). On a side note, i grew up watching Hong Kong ghost movies and it all happens inside the lift with TV monitors, so imagine the panic feeling I had the very first day when I reach the building. Moving on~

The apartment was divided by the owners into 8 rooms, which either have double beds or bunk beds. I like the whole concept where it is a home yet utilised to a certain level. Most of us may know that Hong Kong like Singapore have a lack of land and houses so properties are really expensive and/or small. My room in particular consist of a double bunk bed and a chair plus a small sized cabinet. Of course the room is air-conditioned (for goodness sake, I can’t imagine if it is not). I managed to get a room near the main door where the reception table is and I am near the kitchen as well as the main bathroom. So generally my room 308 (HUAT AH!) is very convenient for me.

Just imagine, after an evening at Victoria Harbour watching the lights show, I strolled over to iSquare which have a cool Starbucks overlooking the city with its high and FULL-Length glass windows! After a cuppa coffee and dessert, I stroll over to Jordan road to catch some bites before going back home. I wish I can stay out the whole night but I NEED SLEEP!

 Across the street from the place I am staying are awesome food eateries and restaurants, ranging from chinese cuisine to Japanese to Korean food, Starbucks, Macdonalds and 7-Eleven. There operate till late at night so when I generally reach back the house around 1-2am, everything was still bustling downstairs. The other great thing is that there is an airport shuttle public bus stop right below the apartment. But there is another service just another street which goes even faster and more direct to the airport. This is like convenience to the max!

If you would like to know the address of Pak On Building, it is 105 Austin Road and for my Dear readers, you can use my link: and get $28 for your FIRST AirBNB booking.
I have released my vlogs of the time I spent in Hong Kong as well and you can check them out on my youtube channel: or watch them from my video tabs here.

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