BBL™ BroadBand Light Treatment session at Scinn Medical Centre

After the recent opening of the Scinn Medical Centre (click here for my previous post). I made an arrangement for a BBL™ BroadBand Light Treatment and I was waiting for it all week long. Due to the tight work schedule and overseas trips in place, I had to book the session way in advance before my time slot is gone. So I was so elated when it was finally the day to do my treatment.
For my skin, I am particular about the pimple marks and spots which are super obvious on my dark skin. So rather than opting to go for laser treatment, I hope to find a treatment which is non-intrusive, non-harmful and will not put me on downtime for long. My work requires me to be in and outdoor enough that if I ever need a downtime, it will be a big hassle for everybody and not only me.

I opted to go in the evening after work, not just because it is convenient for my timing but I have read about how doing such facial treatments will make the skin more vulnerable to the surrounding especially the sun. So as a noob, I decided to stick with my gut feeling and just book an evening slot.
Lo and behold, I was the last person for the day before they closed shop J I reached on time and the therapist, Joey helped with the cleansing of my face to remove the make-up that I had. Then I was waiting for the doctor to be back while the BBL machine was being prepared. I could literally hear the machine goes humming in the background. As always, I will ask “will it hurt? Is it painful?” As much as I know that it is a non-invasive treatment, I just wanted to be kiasu cause “hey, I am Singaporean”.

Once Doctor Loo arrived, we sat down for a short consultation where he asked me what were my concerns and what he can see from my face. So he advised what he was going to do and what to expect from the session. However, it felt more like he was asking me of I would like my face brighter, would I want to touch on areas like my upper lips or not. I gotten the impression that he has conviction in the product and he can deliver whatever I would like. In fact, he is going to customize the whole treatment session around my needs and wants. I am blown away.

As I was seated on the char in the BBL room, a cooling gel was placed on my face before the whole session begin. For a beginner, I was put on a low power so that I can managed it better. After the first tab, I was shocked, it was a little bit shocking at first but then I got used to it and then I was enjoying the snap. There was a bright light which came on every snap like taking a picture but my eyes were well covered and protected so it was all well. Doctor Loo concentrated a lot at my chin area where I have pimple marks and spots, he explained that he is clearing the oil pockets and lightening the skin and that I there will be a trace of a slight burn smell which are the oil pockets being pulverized (Hahaha, that was me adding in the dramatic effect). He also acted on my cheeks where I have pronounced freckles L)

The completion of the BBL treatment was when my whole face area have been covered. Next, a layer of mask was placed on my face and it was time to relax and treat the face. Time to feed it with food and goodness after going through a tiring war with the light XD. It felt like forever while I was lying on the seat which was now inclined to become a bed. Since my eyes were also covered, there was no way for me to use my phone or anything, thus it was a total relax and recuperation period.

Then it was all cleaned up, vitamin C essence was applied to protect my face and then my face was revealed, though the BBL treatment didn’t hurt but for those first timers, just saying I can feel a tiny snap and burned smell literally but I am so surprised that there is no redness or injury or anything on my face. It is nothing more than my skin lightening up to become slightly fairer and some of the spots and marks on my face seems much more faded. My face was also seeming glowing and reflective. I was like a newly cleaned pot that shines….literally, not that I have anything bad to complain about it. The next few steps would be the same, drinking more plain water, eating more vegetables, avoid greasy, fried food and applying sunblock when I am out is a standard operating procedures which HAVE to be Followed. Though the treatment did not render me any specific downtime, skin did went through a little bit of “exercise” so I need a little bit more TLC for the next few days.   

Scinn Medical Centre is located at:
391B Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Tower B #05-22
Telephone: 6235 8066

Seriously that glow tho’ and #NoFilter

I am super excited for the new year 2016, are you? 😀

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