Stay on fleek and flawless while on holiday

Travelling often makes me get tired and lethargic at times, not because of the jet lag or whatever but it is due to the dry air up in the plane and then places which I have been visiting, could either be humid like Singapore or too sunny or too cold or maybe too dry. Apart from the happiness and thrill of travelling of course, it can also be taxing for my skin. Apart from my morning and night regime facial which I do daily, I face the issue of not bringing the right product when I am travelling. Washing my face with just water when I am overseas may be an issue because if the water is not safe to drink from the tap, doesn’t that mean the water may be not as favourable for my skin too?

Worst of all, is when I have played too much till late and by the time I am back to the hotel, I simply go to sleep directly without properly cleaning my make-up off… OH THE HORROR!

Since going to different countries means my skin gets exposed to different weather conditions, I am very happy to bring along my set of facial care products by ClearSK, Jetsetter kit. Travelling is now made more than just a breeze as I continuously protect my face from day to night. There is no reason for me not to be more diligent with my skin care as goodness now comes in a convenient bottle packed away in a pouch ready to travel with me!

The Jetsetter Kit comprises of a Brightening Cleanser, Brightening Toner, Laser White Lotion and Sunblock lotion. Each of the product does not have any strong fragrant or scents, these are a range of specialised skincare products made from high quality, medical grade ingredients that are formulated to treat various skin problems such as pigmentation, acne, wrinkles or fine lines. 

For great protection from the sun, I use my sunblock every morning and in this Jetsetter kit, the sunblock comes with an SPF50 protection! The sunny weather means good news as I still can go out and play with ease during my exploration.

As one aged, we want to be able to age gracefully. So it is of utmost important to care for and maintain our skin before it deteriorates. If at 40, we can never achieve back the skin of when we were 20 years old. However, the younger we start caring for our skin, as early as 20 years old, when we turn 40, you will stand out different from other 40 years old. That is what proper maintenance and skincare is all about. No products can do miracles, it is the practise and habit that matters. Beauty starts from the inside but is shown on the skin if we take care and love our skin!

Share with me, what are your daily face regime? Do you believe in the famouse Korean 10 steps beauty regime, if no, why not? What are your go to beauty products in Singapore?

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