Shopping for a new bag

Sometimes, I like to spend a little bit more on bags and stuff which are premium priced because to me it will mean more tender loving care needed. This will also translate to a longer life tenure of the item.

I am known to be changing my interest very often especially things like bags, clothes, make-up styles and stuff. I have very short attention AND Interest span. So I never see the need to spend thousands of dollars on branded stuff which I may just chuck aside and without maintaining them and in fact I have track records of my leather bags getting destroyed in my hands cause of no proper storage and it’s just chuck in a corner FOREVER. Thus, the lesson that I have learned is having many common accessories and bags but keeping a few classic premiums for special events but ensuring that I do my duty to take care of such leather babies…

I am always a classic lover or partly a lover of anything brightly coloured. If we are talking about LV, their monogram collections and damier graphite canvas are still my preferred option rather than the others. Since I only favours limited brands, I can only refer to a one stop platform to browse through common favourite brands like Michael Kors, Coach, Chanel, Gucci, Burberry, Fendi, etc.

While I was browsing for a new bag to match the new year 2016, different colour themes come to play in my mind. I was reading about the recent new Pantone colours (like rose quartz, peach echo, serenity, fiesta, etc) which were launched and I was also figuring out what Spring colour should I look at. Then I chanced upon Coach Singapore on Zalora while I was just surfing the site. The main colour which caught my eyes were the orange which look so much like Fiesta or Peach Echo. Immediately I was stuck on it and I had to find what discount or details to get them.

Imagine the happiness when I filtered out the discounted items were well having a 30-40% discount!

I asked a couple of friends who kinda like Coach bags and wallets, which are their preferred designs and like me they like the classic too.

But I was not bought over cause I still prefer LV monograms instead. On second thought, I decide to just look at the range of design that Coach have since I have never owned a coach bag before, I thought, why not?
Now the only trouble is deciding what do I want, I carry small or big bags to fit the occasion so I am stuck between getting the bucket bag or should I go for the Mini Crossby Carryall. A wristlet is definitely not in my favour but just if you need to know, there is a 30% off on these 3 designs:

Note also that with such great discount, it may not be there forever. What is worrying even is the fact that there are limited stocks available. Like oh my goodness I need to decide fast…now!!!

Leave me a comment on my social media, which one should I get for a casual everyday work? Bucket or Carryall?
Remember if you want to enjoy $15 off your purchases on Zalora, subscribe to their newsletter, well I did not regret that ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.

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