LG life mobile app review

As we have crossed 2015, this will be my first post on my blog. In Dec 2015, LG launched an app which is more than just a mobile programme in fact it is a celebration of life. The app provides a multitude of how-to tips and being consumer-centric. I was excited to try it out because let’s face it, most of us will have an LG product at home. Being able to savour smart technology and innovative products, what is there to lose?

The sad thing is this app is not available yet on iPhone App Store, so I had to use a phone that can access the Google Play store to download the app.

The app have it all, for being a good tool for new home owners. You can now design the blueprints of your own dream home. Visualising how LG applicances fit into the layout works like a breeze. From the choice of a flat screen TV to a fridge, this app shows you how to complement and enhance the overall interior look.

Secondly, the how-to tips are amazingly helpful. It provides information on how to use or maintain LG’s home applicance and electronics. There is a whole list of tips and knacks from keeping fridge racks spill-proof to the steps of pre-checking the air conditioner. This basically means, saving money on unnecessary repairs or delaying important check-ups when needed.

A feature which I am so excited about is of course the “Master mobile photography”. For avid Instagrammers as most of us are, LG mobile app provides tips to taking the perfect precious moments. Remembering the rule of thirds, understanding the basics of ISO, playing with shutter speed, these are the few tips and notes to remember.

Of course, it would not be without a product catalog for the convenience of shoppers like myself. Not really a fan of shopping at the physical store but prefers to do my homework online on the product specification, this app satisfy my need. And finally, the opportunity to receive the LG’s latest promotions and contest firsthand. Nothing beats this!

Of course, I do hope that it will be available on App Store soon but for now, it gives other users and headstart on enjoying the wholesome experience on the LG Mobile app.

Do download it today and share how do you feel about it?

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