2012 to 2016

I wrote this down in 2012, now in 2016 it seems surreal yet true. Happening all around me, it stays engraved in memory. But as I said, it is part of my memory, life still goes on.

The world in a mess
But we still think we the best
trying to solve outward problem
without looking at our own reflection

Time passes on and we think we getting better
but consequences proves us vulnerable later
What we reap is what we sow
and some of us act like we dunnoe.

Doing things as how we like
and telling others to go take a hike
It’s cool how much we can be true
to take this magic word that we call you

Everything we do, it’s all about you
but many wonders if that is true
Underlying the layers of deceit
we only want to give and take.

Every action has a hidden agenda
Every action has a bad intention
It’s not easy for us to be free
In this world that consist of Me.

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.

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