Festive Great Discounts coming up on Lazada

Last Friday was the Blogger Bazaar held by Lazada. there were a few launches of new products and technology as well as showcasing new brands which just came onboard Lazada. Being in Singapore for just 2 years, they have shown amazing results and services so far. Buying things on Lazada have always been a pleasure and even in times of glitches or communication breakdown between supplier and me, Lazada has been a wonderful support platform to ease all the problems out. I am sharing in this post of course the great festive sale coming up on 26th January 2016! With Chinese New Year coming in a few weeks time, be prepared to go Bananas in 2016.

Bags, Clothes, cameras, watches, necklaces and even household appliances! Yes, I was going crazy at the bazaar listing down all the items that I would love to buy and have (or receive WITH LOVE ;))

The key thing to do is, click here to get a SPECIAL S$20 voucher code and download the Lazada mobile app.

Remember the Date: 26th January 2016, here is what you can expect on that date:

1) Spin the wheel to WIN HONG BAO Vouchers
2) Join in the MEGA SALE
3) Find the HUAT MONKEY to get exclusive discounts off selected products.

Just for those who are shopping for new clothes to prepare for the upcoming New Year or buying gifts for the loved ones during Valentine’s day, this is the moment to get shopping.

Imagine a wide range of Ray bans going at a crazy price of $88, designer bags going up to 88% discount, shoes, perfumes, clothes. You think of it, prepare your money and welcome 26th Jan with open arms!

Back to the Bazaar, items which were presented included brands like Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Nixon, Hua Wei, Urban Armor Gear, Klipsch, TP-Link, Thermacell, Mayor, SKII, Dior and many more. Be it new product lines or best selling items are going to be out on sale this coming 26th January on Lazada Singapore.

It was all thanks to Lazada Singapore for holding such great Bazaar to showcase the upcoming promotions and great deals coming up that I am so excited to start shopping next week!
Have you seen how the Urban Armour Gear works? well now my iphone 6Plus is safe in my hands!
Just so you know, if anyone wanna buy me a gift, this beautiful turquoise handbag from “Play No More” will be loved… ๐Ÿ˜‰

So Happy shopping on Lazada mobile app, next week tuesday onwards. Remember to get all the free deals and vouchers before you shop!

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.

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