ClearSK Eye Glow treatment at ClearSK Premier Centre

Pic taken from ClearSK site on launch of new Premier Outlet

For us night dwellers… okay let’s not label ourselves. I am a person who works at night like literally but No I do not call myself an owl. Cause as much as I love eating, I love sleeping too. But it is just that my brain can work a teeny bit better in the evening and ideas keeps coming to my. (FYI, this post was written at 10:58am, so I do function well in the morning too in case you are wondering).
As much as I try to go to sleep before 12 every night just like Cinderella, sometimes I just get distracted by small little things. Till I notice as I age that, I have a increasing print of dark circles under my eyes. Due to the fact that I have sufficient sleep (in no of hours) but not at the right timing, I do not have eyebags to talk about but dark circles are prevalent.

When I was invited to try the EyeGlow treatment at ClearSk, I met with the most wonderful therapist and staff at their newly opened Kallang branch. I am not a fanatic of facials and I do not go every week but only on a monthly basis for specific treatment, so I have seen a fair share of various personalities and services from the therapist/doctors.

As a norm of course, upon reaching I was seated at the waiting area while the lady ( Charmaine) serving me went to take a consultation form for me to complete since it was my first time there. The whole atmosphere was very warm and cosy and soft yellow hues spotlight was shining at all the right places. It gave a very exquisite and classy feel to me. In order for me to write properly, Charmaine brought me to the consultation room so that I can have the table to write on properly while I sipped my drink.
After waiting for a short while, we proceed to the treatment room. After cleansing my makeup off, we went to take a before picture in another room. There were two big white lights and I can totally feel the details on face being captured on camera >_< But that is what treatment is for 😉
Back at the treatment room, all I have to do was lie down and wait comfortably. I could hear machines being pushed in and out of the room like it was some major Op but no it was not. 

The EyeGlow treatment basically includes 2 specific treatment:

-Light & Heat Energy and
-Radio Frequency Treatment.
Both processes are non-invasive and do not give any downtime at all. So it is highly encouraged to do at least once every fortnight or more depending on your condition. The whole EyeGlow treatment basically takes about 45mins where you can enjoy the rest and peace time.

Firstly, the light & heat energy is done by sending in pulses of light onto the eye area using a handheld device. The first that I received gave me a shock but I was fine after the second and third time, it was just me as always. But this light heat energy is also safe enough to be used on the eyelid. Apparently, this process aids in promoting collagen renewal thus re-establishing the youthful glow to our skin. Especially in the eye areas where the skin is fairly thin, this treatment works very well to reach under the skin layers to stimulate the collagen and smoothen my skin. The alternate of light and heat energy helps to reduce dark circles and puffiness around my eyes (BINGO!), Charmaine was very concerned with my comfort level as she continues to talk to me and ask if everything is okay, and even when she is changing the location on my face she will tell me so that I would be prepared.
After both eyes are completed, there was a short eye massage using their award winning Laser Tight Repair Serum. I imagine that after the shock my cells gotten this massage is to soothe them back down…hehehehe.

The second treatment that we proceed with is using Radio Frequency. My therapist told me, “please inform me if it gets too hot”. I panicked but I went ahead with it, I mean…why not? The first feeling that got was an icy cold sensation being circulated around my eyes, and it was so comfortable. I nearly doze off while she was working on my face, can you imagine that? But I was confused, wasn’t it supposed to be hot? Or was it too hot that I feel cold cos it was burning my skin? These questions popped in my head while Charmaine was telling me of the benefit of the Radio Frequency Treatment. Of course as always, I gotten my answer: the rollers were made of hot and cold portion and it is alternating the treatment while gliding on my eye area. 
*Do note however that if it gets too hot or unbearable, the therapist can adjust to be just right for you!

Nearing the end of the treatment was a facial mask, another 15minutes was given to me to just let the product works its magic on my eyes! Before I left the treatment room, she applied for me the Laser Tight Repair Serum once more. As my treatment ends right into the evening, I was feeling pretty hungry already (just putting it out there).

After just the first session, I can see a lightening effect under my eyes. My skin feels good and the area under my eyes feels refreshed and plumpy as if it has went through a short gym session :). Noticeably, even some fine lines got eliminated this round! Ding- KO!

Just a side note however, if you are looking for fillers. ClearSK aesthetics do provide such service as well which is administered by the doctor here. So if you have any concerns about eye care and stuff, do give them a call to get the appropriate advice on what treatment would be suitable for you.

Since ClearSK branch at Kallang Leisurepark is their recently opened branch, I asked if I may take a look around the place. The waiting area is already a welcoming spot, I noticed the second floor and I was curious to see if there were more treatment rooms. I was surprised to go up and I saw a high rooftop cool chill out area. Decorated with some comfy sofa chairs and a coffee table, the place is sometimes used if they have a small gathering or seminars. I totally fell in love with the place and décor. The wine bar and coffee place is shouting out enjoyment to me. So much effort and care given to the patrons who come to this place. Back at first level, the branch only have 4 treatment rooms which are all equipped with the basic treatment. As a wholesome experience it totally made my day. To get a very extensive treatment without the right people doing it will not make a difference but service beyond just a smile, will make the time worthwhile.

Now for all my readers, if you would like to cherish the same experience and achieve clear and glowing eyes you can enjoy this treatment for ONLY $68!

Call the nearest outlets today and make your appointment today.

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.

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