Herbal Steam Therapy at Chien Chi Tow

As a believer of traditional Chinese medicine, I was introduced by a friend to Herbal Steam Therapy. As compared to Sauna and hot bath, this was a kind of treatment which piqued my interest as they focus on including herbs into the session. The centre which I was introduced to was none other than Chien Chi Tow (拳器道). Each session last for about 20minutes and they encouraged us to do it regularly for well-being or therapy and even weight loss.

Being early when I was there at the Tanjong Katong outlet, we had time to sit at the common area and have some tea. We had to wait for them to set up the equipments. Following that, I was given a towel and disposable panties to change into. While they warm up the wooden steam machine, I just waited to get inside. When it has reached a certain temperature, I was asked to sit inside without anything else. The wooden box enclosed the body but the head is propped outside, which made it comfortable for me cause I didn’t feel suffocated at all. Nonetheless, precaution have to be taken if I do not feel well or if I feel giddy the lady told me I can open the door ajar slightly to let some cool air in.
As my body was getting used to the heat, I can also start to feel my sweat trickling down my back as I was seated inside the box. Just a note, we have an option to add in additional herbal packs to address, muscle tension relief, flu/sinus or weight loss, etc. Of course my option is to place a herbal pack for weight loss.
Since I had company when I was there, we just spend the time chatting while we were “boxed” up. That actually help to take away my mind from the heat apparently. At least I could take the heat and resist opening the box to let any cool air in.
The whole steaming process apparently open up the pores and let the herbal stuff be absorbed into the body. At the same time, the heat will help to improve and better bloody circulation. While the metabolism rate is decreasing as we aged, the steaming process may help to improve it and reliefs any aches that one can have. At the end of the treatment, I felt younger, better and healthier.
After the 20 mins is up, the timer will go off to signal the end of time and then I just had to cool down and replenish the water lost during the session. I could feel my cheeks being red and rosy due to the active blood circulation in the last 20 minutes. It is important to not blow the fan or AC directly onto our body since the steaming therapy had open up the pores. After I cool down a while, I quickly gathered my clothes to change back into. Wiping away the perspiration is an important process cause remember the open pores? We want to minimize the toxins from going back into the body.
Drinking plain water after each session is important to replenish the loss during the process and over the next few days it is important to also be drinking plenty of water so that our body can help to continuously flush out the toxins.
On my second visit, I coupled it together with another 55 minutes of Herbal foot bath and foot reflexology. Ultimate indulgence for that moment, we have to pamper ourselves often if not once in a while to take away stress from our work/study. 
As compared to other treatments, the costing of the therapy is so affordable. The Herbal steam bath is only $32 for 20 minutes and Herbal foot bath is $10.70 for 20 minutes and you can upgrade a bit more to include foot reflexology. On a whole, I was totally satisfied.
Although I have other options to go for similar sauna treatment packages, I still include this as a once a forth night visit. Unlike the rest which function like a normal spa and sauna room, this herbal steaming therapy have a plus point of including herbs into the treatment.
If you are keen to check out the place, you can visit the website: http://www.chienchitow.com/
Due to space constraint and different outlet size, you are highly encouraged to make an appointment before going down. This will also give them time to prepare the warming up of the wooden box so that you do not have to waste time waiting unnecessarily. You can also find out what are the other services which they provide such as Tuina, Herbal Foot Bath, acupuncture, etc.
There are a total of 13 outlets which you can find one nearest to you to book an appointment!

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