Review of Urban Armor Gear smartphone case

As I travel with my backpack or hand-carry luggage, two important things that I bring along would be my laptop and handphone (of course aside from my passport). Too many times, that I just lugged them along in my bag and sometimes while waiting I would just drop my bag on the ground. By the time I get worried about my laptop or handphone in the bag, it is a little bit to late ;).

Recently, I gotten a new Macbook and handphone cover from Urban Armor Gear (UAG). For the handphone cover, it was a sleek and rich case which wrap my phone pretty well to give top protection in the event of mishandling (hahaha). While I have tempered glass on my phone, using Apple iPhone 6 plus was a big change from my 5S. It has been a while that I last used such a big phone. Sometimes I struggle with just one hand trying to use the phone and that lead to a few accidental slips.

When I put on the UAG cover, it was not as bulky as I have expected it to be. As compared to other protective handphone gear, UAG appears more sleek without the bulk. In that sense, it ensures that my phone still remains as slim as ever. On the whole, they have met the expectation to be aesthetically innovative.

My brother did a test on his handphone cover from a 4 storey height and yes, it was still safe and functioning after that. I am on a more practical side. I do not think I would drop my phone from such a height so I did just a simple, daily, highly possible drop test…from my hand.

UAG cases are certified military-grade shock protection for smartphone and tablets without adding extra bulk. They have also been drop tested according to Mil-STD- 810G, a Lab tests which is US military standard and emphasizes tailoring the design and limits to the conditions that it will be exposed to. So as adventurous and active one may get, your devices can be well-protected military grade!

Features of Urban Armor Gear
You would be happy to know too for friends whose phone are small enough to fit into your pockets, UAG cases are friction-free, lint-resistant and low profile allowing you to easily slip your phone in and out of pockets!
Visit the website: to see the various colours available such as black, rust, magma, plasma, Ice, etc (I know, even the names are so S.U.P.E.R!)

Here are some of the official Urban Armor Gear videos which shows of the ultimate drop tests, hold on tight as we bring you to a top spin!

If you are still curious as to how much a cover cost and whether is it worth it to get such an insurance for your phone, the price of the cover ranges from S$49-S$59 BUT stay tuned to Highlights at Lazada, because there are always daily if not weekly offers or discounts when you use POSB/DBS cards or even get $20 OFF for new customers!
I really would like to talk more about the awesome UAG macbook case but I do not what to be overwhelming you guys with information, so stay tuned to my next review post!

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