One Piece Run 2016

By engeliz
Guest writing original post 
On the very early morning of 06 March 2016, I woken up to the long awaited One Piece Run, the first anime themed run in Singapore! Normally, I wouldn’t have chosen to go for a Sunday run, so as to not have it affect me on Monday (the blues… oh the blues…), but hey! is One Piece!! This was one run I couldn’t afford to miss!!
Like most runs, the collection of the Goodie Bag was a week prior to the run itself. So, on 27 Feb 2016, I went down to Orchard Central to collect my red drawstring goodie bag. Though the general contents have been made known through the run’s official website, it is always exciting to get my hands on the actual items, and being One Piece merchandise just increase the excitement!
(The Marines working hard to get us our goodie bags!)

In the red drawstring One Piece bag was a One Piece towel, a Chopper water bottle, the run’s T-shirt and the Runner’s bib. There was also vouchers from Otaku House and from Kinokuniya.

(Missed out the red draw string bag when taking the shot… orz)
And then came the run day. This was my first time running *ahemwalkingahem* at the Kallang Practice Track so I wasn’t quite sure where I was supposed to go when I reached Kallang Leisure Park. Thankfully, I had waves of nakama (loosely translated into partners/friends; this is the term used for the runners during this run) to guide me to the meeting ground.
There, sitting proudly in the field, was the Thousand Sunny Go!! The nakama crowding around it make it difficult to take a good photo and being late for the run (missed the first wave at 7:15am), I had to settle for whatever I could get my hands on and get to the Start Line.
(I’m sorry!! Sunny’s face got blocked…)
It was a long queue to the starting line but thankfully, the queue moved rather quickly and soon the Start Line was within sight! While waiting, we were surrounded by nakama with fancy hats and there were also people doing cosplaying (for a chance to win a ticket to Tokyo for 2, I believe). In the same wave as me was a female Sanji (the actual character is a male who loves all women) cosplayer and to my surprise, ran pretty quickly in those not very running-suitable wear…
(The orange crowd!)
(And here we are, at the Start Line!!)
During the run, there were those who really ran, and those who were like me, strolling my way to the end of the 5km (normally I would have ran a bit more but the sore throat and cough was my excuse for not doing so). There were of 3 special spots for photo taking along the run route. 1st up was Fish-Man Island, where you can see and take photos with the beautiful mermaids. Next up was Dressrosa, and nearing the end of the run, Punk Hazard. At Dressrosa and Punk Hazzard, nakama can take photos with giant posters (which had a long queue, and thus I decided to skip as the morning heat was pressing me to reach the End Line as soon as I can).
(The run route passes Kallang basin, where you can see dragon boaters training hard!)
(The only queue I’ve joined; to have a photo and being up close to the beautiful mermaids sitting in a clam.)
(Cute signage warning nakama about the stairs ahead.)
(Welcome to Punk Hazard!)
(Finally… the end is near!)
Waiting for us at the end of the run were Game Stations, Photo booth, a Tattoo (temporary ones, of course!) stand and lots of nakama! And being as afraid of crowd (and heat) as I am, I decided to run from it (pun intended) and head off to breakfast, concluding my Sunday morning run.
My conclusion? The logistics and the human traffic was well handed and the run was as smooth as it can be. Sadly, the “attractions” were too few and the long queue means most people would give it a miss (judging by the people who just ran pass it). In my personal opinion, the price paid for the run did not match up with the merchandise in the goodie bag, which was kinda saddening. On the bright side, I really love the finisher medal, which is heavy and of good quality!
(The latest addition to my collection!)
In the meantime, be Adventurous, be Brave, and let’s Cosplay (though I’ve long retired from that J)!

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