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Figuring out that I have been doing extensive hair colouring jobs, it is time that my scalp surrenders and the time has come!

Since the end of last year, I started to experience a deep irritation on my scalp. So I went for a short scalp analysis and it is somewhat things that I would expect to hear-

“your hair is so dry”
” you will drop hair if you carry on doing this”
“let me help you”

Now, where else can we find such kind soul right? Of course, nothing comes for free obviously. It would be at a high price considering the packages and products that I would have to pay for all that services. Being me, I put a hold to that why I do my “market research” elsewhere.

I was introduced to a traditional herbal treatment, Bee Choo Origins and I am always open to try out new kind of treatments. On my first visit, it was a casual drop by session which made me left happy. The next best thing of course, there are no packages involved.

At Bee Choo Origin, they have a secret traditional formula of natural herbal cure designed for:
1 promoting hair growth
2 control oily scalp
3 control dandruff issues
4 cover white hair

Now, to share with you the whole process, the charges are based on the current hair length. Upon reaching the place, make payment (according to my hair length at the cashier) and I obtained a number tag.

Next, I am ushered to a seat to apply some hair tonic to open up the pores of my scalp and olive oil is applied to the roots to protect it during steaming.
Following that, the main herbal mixture is being applied to the scalp. Then we change seats to the steaming area. It is just a traditional steamer plugged into the wall like any other salon, while the whole steaming takes about 30-40 minutes.
Finally, we proceed to the hair wash area. Double washing and conditioning needed to wash off the herbs and smell (yeaaahh, it is not nasty but the smell is kinda strong, to me it smells just like henna)

This final stage is where they will do a slight blow drying and fix in an ampoule (this have to be mentioned upfront when making the payment, additional $8). The concept of the shop is somewhat casual, yet DIY like at home. So they blow dry my hair a little bit but if I want to do it myself, we are free to do it.

The key thing about Bee Choo Origin is that, every station is done swiftly and without delay, they do not take in reservations so it is a first come first serve basis. The staff are really focused when they are working at one station and it reminds me sort of a factory line (come station one, then proceed to station two followed by three, so on and forth). No hesitation or time was wasted for each individual as everything moved on time pronto!

My whole experience, with Bee Choo after following through for a month (once a week), partly I also stopped colouring my hair since end of 2015. I can feel my hair more luscious and thicker. Since I was on the blond side before this, the herbs make my hair turn orange so it is a plus point that I do not have to colour my hair (and this is made of natural ingredients) ๐Ÿ™‚

I do hope to see more improvements in my scalp condition, especially the sensitive areas. I can feel certain changes to my hair after 4 sessions and I am carrying on for the time being to get better result.

Now, if you are thinking that this is just another small time affordable hair treatment place, do not be shocked to know that their motto is to provide a solution to all their customer’s hair problems. Bee Choo herbal hair treatment are certified with TQCS (International) and they surpassed the stringent criteria of the ISO standards and demonstrates consistency in their products and services.
Furthermore, they are equipped with the latest microscopic scalp analysis device from Korea to enhance the monitoring of customer’s treatment process and enable them to detect changes of scalp and hair follicles.

You can check out the various outlets in Singapore and go down to the branch convenient to you:!singapore/co0p

Haiz, when will I get back my beautiful glorious hair~ #Iwonder

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.

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5 thoughts on “Bee Choo Hair Treatment | zsiti

    • Shyuhaila says:


      Thanks for your question, my scalp condition improved plus I am also using their hair tonic to complement the treatment. However, I have last stopped going to the salon to get the herb treatment as I was still keen to dye my hair. With the treatment, it was difficult to get colours onto my hair, so I chose to stop the treatment after a year plus.


  1. Ashley says:

    Hi dear! What changes did you notice after going for the treatment and when did you start notice an improvement? Less hair fall? More volume? Coarse hair? How often did you go for the treatment in a year plus? Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚


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