World Autism Awareness Day 2016

In recent years, I heard of young kids getting more and more special. What used to be just a normal way of kids growing up have evolved into something much more complex, complicated and sophisticated. With that parents may get more anxious over any first sign of development which stray away from the norm.
But truth be told, more medical practitioners/therapist are in demand because of this. Today, parents cherish and want to protect their babies even much more. Wanting the best that their kids could ever get.
This Saturday, which is the 2nd April is going to be the International Autism Awareness Day. Just a background introduction, autism is a development disability that remains with one for the rest of their lives. It affects the brain function and appears before the age of 3 years old.
What are the signs of autism:
        May find social interaction difficult
        Having problems communication verbally and non-verbally
        Demonstrating repetitive and restrictive behavior
        Showing limited set of interests and activities.
Autism may affect both boys and girls and are not restricted to any geographical location, it is slowly rising in many countries of the world. Caring for and educating children and young people are necessary and focus coming challenges are placed on health care, education and training program.

IN Singapore generally, we have plenty of care for kids who have autism but once the kid grows up to being an adult, the responsibility goes back to the family. 
Reported in the straits time paper on 5 June 2010, Autism is relatively a new disorder in Singapore since 1980s, medical treatments and therapy being treated to the children have been established recently over time. But the kids who grown up are now adults and if their treatment and therapy have stopped then they are now left on their own. The article also states about how there are a lack of facilities and places to help the older and ageing adults with autism. Honestly, I did not come across many articles or awareness programmes which are targetted to Autism beyond therapy and recognising early symptoms. In fact it got me thinking, since this is acondition that cannot go away, what happened to the kids when they grow up. What are the support which the government or other official bodies or even what can I do to help?

So for  the International Autism Awareness Day this coming Saturday 2nd April. Here is a list taken from World Autism Awareness Singapore Facebook page on how you can participate in the “Light up for Autism: Light It Up Blue #LIUB”:

1- Light up your school/class/office/home in blue / Dress up your room in blue and upload your photos at to show your support for the autism cause
2- Attend a public showcase – carnival, community event or open house, you can check out the link
3- Wear one blue clothing or blue accessory

If you would like to go a step further and participate pro-actively and be present for events, which will hold awareness campaign on both 1st and 2nd April.

The other means is of course, the power of donations which is always open. Main partners with World Autism Awareness SG (WAA) are St Andrew’s Autism Centre, Rainbow Centre, Asian Women’s Welfare Association (AWWA), Autism Resource Centre, Autism Association Singapore.

Now let us do our part, share and care for our fellow friends and families. When you post your pic in blue this saturday on social media and hashtag #LIUB, remember it is not just a movement but a cause that you are partaking to make a difference. It is not just one saturday afternoon but let it be spread for all to be thoughtful and always keep in consideration how we can help one another to make this world a better place to live in.

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