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As you may have known about the benefits of rose hip oil which is rich in essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Vitamin A. It is because of these properties, it helps maintain the youthful looking skin that we have. Apart from that there is also an anti-ageing benefit from using rose hip oil topically. The vitamin C antioxidants may help to stimulate collagen production and combat free radicals thus reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin A combined with the essential fatty acids helps improve skin tone, texture and pigmentation. With this function, rose hip oil also plays a part to treat scar and improve our skin condition.

Exposure to sun without sufficient sunblock will make the skin susceptible to pre-matured ageing, wrinkles and to some extent skin diseases. However do note that rosehip oil do not prevent sun burn, it helps to repair and stimulate growth of skin cells but it does not block out the harmful UV rays.

Rosehip oil can generally be used directly on our skin or mixed with other essential oils as carrier oil if you would like.

How do I incorporate rosehip oil into my daily regime?

Since a little goes a long way, it absorbs easily into my skin. (now when to know if it is enough or not? After applying the rosehip oil or any facial product on your face, let it sit and absorb for a moment, then if your face mattify well that means it has been absorbed well into the skin but if you still see the oil floating on your face aka oily face that means too much was used, so just reduce the portion next time)

I use rosehip oil 1-2 times a day during my morning regime and evening beauty regime. But for me, I perspire easily in Singapore’s hot weather so if it is too much for me I will skip it in the morning and just apply at night. The rosehip oil comes after my essence and serum and before my moisturiser and/or night cream. As a rule of the thumb, we may be using different products and packing them on our faces. Allow 2-5minutes or even up to 10 minutes (especially for eye cream) break in between for the previous product to be fully absorbed and work their magic before putting the next product on.

With my combination skin, I have dry skin around my cheeks and chin area (typically my T-zone is the oily area). When I use rosehip oil, I focus more on the dry skin area while my T-zone area I just slightly brush the remaining oil on my hand. There is of course no right or wrong but everyone’s skin differs and products work differently for each individual. I will stretch to massage the rosehip oil or cream right on my decolletage area, when one age the first place that is obvious is in fact anything below the face (namely neck and chest area).

The products tried and used by me are Tosowoong and Shea Terra (organic) series. If you would like more information on where I bought them, leave me a message below or on any of my social media platform where I share this post.

Another reminder as always, before trying out any new products be it natural or not always seek professional advice or do a self-allergy test before fully using any product. Tell me, how do you do your skin allergy test?

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