Round and Beautiful Eyeglasses

As you know that I love to have a different style of glasses, this time around I wanted to own a pair of round prescription glasses. My other round glasses which I own is a black sunglasses for throwback or on days that I want a retro style theme. Precisely because I like to keep buying glasses, sometimes I look out for cheap glasses that wont hurt my wallet while satisfying my desire for new eyewear.

I came back to the site which I gotten my cat-eye glass previously, GlassesShop. I am contented with the wide range of eyewear designs that they carry as well as the versatile option of lenses to choose from. To show how easy it is to order my prescribed with lens, in this post I am going to show the steps from how I select the glasses to the part how to track the item till I receive them.

Here is the process on how to make the ordering online:

Step one:

From the eyeglasses tab, you can see how they divide the items according to various options such as gender, lens, frames, even materials and shapes. This help to streamlined my selection process and helps to save me time.
At the round glasses section, I search for the one pattern which I like.
If you notice that blue button called “Try on” that is where you can actually upload your image or shoot a pic via web cam to simulate the eyewear on your face. So you will be able to see if the item is to your suit or not. You are now availed to a whole variety of eyewear design without leaving the comfort of your home.
Can you imagine going to the optical shop and asking the salesperson to let you try on EVERY SINGLE eyewear? I mean, let’s be practical about it *ain’t nobody got time for that*

Moving on to choosing my prescription lens, since I need to correct my far-sightedness, so for a single vision lens it is free (yeah!!!)
Here is where I enter the prescriptions into the boxes, I gotten from my optician. It is important to get a regular eye-check up done. Regardless of wearing contact lens or normal glasses, it is good to do an eye test at least once a year to ensure that your eyes are in perfect health. Check with your local optic to see if they can do an eye test for you. Then remember to record the prescriptions (includes the RX, PD, astig if any). These are important numbers which you would need to input here.
Next, you can choose what type of lens colour that you would like, from clear to polarized or even tinted. Take your pick!

This is an additional step which you can choose the thickness of the lens, ranging from standard thin and lite to super thin. In fact the different thickness of the lens are suited for varying prescription. For example, the standard lens are suitable if you have low to moderate prescriptions (for SPH +/- 2.0 to +/-4.0 and (CYL +/- 1.5 to +/-2.0).
Subsequently, simply “Add to Cart”

Once you open your cart, you will see the full summary of the eyewear you have chosen and the lens details for your final confirmation.
Here is where you can enter the promo code to enjoy 50% discount on eyewear with free lenses (sale frames excluded)

How long would it take for the eyewear to reach me?

Depending on the type of lens that you may have chosen, apart from the single vision eyeglasses the other type of lens may take 5-7 days (excluded shipping time). You can check out the Shipping FAQ for more details on any shipping discount or quick shipping.
For orders above $49, enjoy a flat shipping fee of just $4.95
Of course after payment have been made and you have received the shipping tracking number, you can check from the site on the status of where your item is located.
Once item is received, of course happily and gloriously wear them out. There is an easy return policy if the glasses arrived broken or damaged. You can look for the easy return tab from the website to know how to inform them of the error in the glasses which you received.

For me, I am one happy returning customer. I gave my proper prescription which I gotten from the local optician where I regularly buy my contacts and eyewear in Singapore. As for the design, I simply choose what I would like to wear at this point of time. 
Once again for my dear readers, here is the fun part. Use the promo code: GSHOT50 to enjoy 50% off eyewear, sunglasses and glasses (sales frame excluded). The prices are listed in USD.

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.

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