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Not only having a routine skincare is going to work wonders on my skin, it is important to inculcate good habit internally as well. Aside from eating plenty of greens and less oily and fried food, supplements are also important complements which can help us to achieve results which basic nourishments and food are not able to deliver.

In order to achieve brighter and smooth skin and to prevent photageing (wrinkle & sagging skin), I tried the Kinohimitsu Be White for 30 days.

Kinohimitsu Be White proud themself as a perfectly dosed beauty supplement promoting exquisite, fair and smooth skin. Their secret lies in the active ingredients such as pomegranate extract, olive extract, gluthatione, Vitamin C and tomato extract.

Packed with such naturally powerful ingredients, it serve to prevent anti-photoageing, inner UV protection, lighten freckles & dark spots as well as heal sunburn skin. My concern is of course my ageing skin as I aged and also get exposed to the sun. Even though how diligent I can be applying sun block, having the inner UV protection is also important. With the ingredients of vitamin C, it will help to boost the collagen production from within. Thus as fast as my exposed skin is being weakened by the sun, I do hope that internally my collagen factory can work twice or thrice harder to reproduce a much more new youthful looking skin.

After a week plus of taking 1 capsule in the morning and night, I only noticed a brighter complexion, every night before my night routine I noticed how my skin was getting slightly fairer over time. The uneven skin tone also gradually lightened to match evenly.However, in terms of pigmentation spots and some freckles which I have on my cheeks are still present, I cannot ascertain if it gets lighter or not but it is still visible to my eyes.

Generally, it helps to improve my skin texture and not give a weary look no matter how crazy my work schedule is like. On a whole, this is a whitening supplement which shows slight results after 2 weeks of consumption, nothing that I would dislike out of this product so far.

Currently the promotion price for Kinohimitsu Be White is going at only S$47.90 (U.P. $59.90) for 30 capsules. It can also be found in stores like Guardian retailing at S$53.90

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