Perfect Black; LG OLED TV

Just before I went for my trip, LG Electronics unveiled its game-changing 2016 TV Lineup. I attended the showcase on 6th April presenting the LG Signature OLED TV, OLED 4K TVs as well as Super UHD TVs which were much talked about by industry associations and critics.
Both categories were supported with Dolby Vision high dynamic range (HDR) media to elevate the viewing experience to the next level.

What caught my full attention would have to be the LG Signature OLED TV. I have heard that it was so thin that it is like four stacked credit cards and is also one of the first TVs to bear LG’s Picture-on-Glass design concept.


I was looking forward to seeing the real life display and demo during the showcase. Eyeing the 77″ model, it is a total party if you have that large screen coupled with a good home theatre system now who needs to go to the cinema when you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. The models boast the company’s most advanced television technologies including OLED displays, 4K resolutions, OLED HDR, Ultra HD alliance’s HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

Striving to deliver customer satisfaction and innovative smart technology, the LG Signature OLED TV has worked to shed unnecessary element except those essential to deliver the best picture and sound quality (Priorities set straight!)

During the demo, when it was set beside a normal LED screen TV, the stark difference would be the clear depth of black which is being shown clearly on the OLED TV. This is attributed to the HDR and wide colour gamut that allows delivery of astonishing images with brighter highlights and colours never seen before on TV.

When HD TV first came out, when I went shopping at the electronical stores, one of the department which I dislike going to is the TV section. I will do my homework prior to that and when I reached the store, I simply tell the salesman what model I would like. This is because the effect of the bright colours and lighting put a strain on my eyes and make me feel so uncomfortable. I mean, if I want to watch TV why do I have to torture myself like that?

Now during the media launch, we were presented the characteristics and winning points of the TV consoles individually and back to back. That came to mind when I realised that the TV screen have not much negative impact on me at all. Beyond the strikingly bold colours and large screen which I was standing right in front of, it doesn’t make my eyes get uncomfortable at all. The sample demo show being played on the screen was also amazing. The effect and small details were all captured and visible on the screen. Something which normally would have been blacked out or faded out, came clear and crisp on TV (of course, this was based on a side to side comparison between a normal LED TV and the OLED TV.

OLED TV are unlike other displays they can completely turn off individual pixels allowing it to express images more vividly and in greater detail. Even when the screen is completely black, colours are expressed more brightly. With the perfect design of LG OLED TV, it instantly makes any interior more sophisticated and elegant. Be it on the table or mounted on the wall, the function and design have been created to blend seamlessly altogether #Perfect

LG OLED TV, 77″ retailing at $41,999

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