When it’s just 2022 miles away from home…part 2 (Tamsui Old Street)

By NoemiJay
Guest writing original post 

I hope you have enjoyed the previous article on the Fisherman’s Wharf and here comes another part of Tamsui where you can explore.
After the sightseeing session, it is now time for food and shopping. Take Red 26 back to Tamsui train station, with the gantry on your left, walk straight down and towards the left where you can see the river.

Along Tamsui train station
Route to Tamsui Riverside
View of Tamsui train station from Tamsui Riverside

Walk further down along the riverside and on some days, you might get to see artists around showing their talent just like the living statues as shown.


Living statues along Tamsui street

There is a grass patch along the way where you can see children playing around and for Starbucks lovers, you can pop by Starbucks to grab a drink or two before you begin your walk on Tamsui Old Street.

View of Tamsui Old Street from Tamsui train station
Starbucks Coffee building @ Tamsui Street

Ready to conquer the old street? Let’s go!

Signboard @ the start of Tamsui Old Street

So what greets us first at the start? The iron eggs (“铁蛋”) on the right and the jumbo ice cream that you cannot resist.

Wei Lai Xiang Iron Eggs stall @ Tamsui

Iron eggs (“tie dan”) stall @ the start of Tamsui Old Street
Jumbo ice cream stall @ Tamsui Old Street

The Tamsui old street gives you a laid back feel as you walk along. Shops selling souvenirs, hats and shades, plush toys, food, etc. You name it, they almost have it all. There is also a place like a museum known as Xin Bu Xin You Ni (“信不信由你”). The sign board is pretty attractive as you can see below.

@ The start of Tamsui Old Street

“Believe it or not” museum (“信不信由你”)

Inside this museum, you get to see exhibits that can make you feel amazed. The admission fee is approximately TWD89 for adults and children can go in free of charge. Do visit them and gain some amazing facts at the end of the visit. As you walk further down the street, there are a few more stalls selling the iron eggs, relatively Ti Hu Da Shi (“醍醐大师”) and Ah Po Tie Dan (“阿婆铁蛋”). Their price range are pretty much the same. So it is a multiple choice question. A, B, C? Which one should you pick? Well, it is all based on personal preference. So no harm giving it a try if you like iron eggs.

Ti Hu Da Shi also sell other food items such as fish crackers, konnyaku jelly, etc. If you do a bulk purchase, they will pack them all in a box and it is good for check in on your flight home but the fall part is that you have to carry them back to hotel and also from hotel to airport, unless you have arranged for airport transfers. Actually, they do provide deliveries too! But you have to take note on their delivery charge. The rule is if the total purchase exceeds TWD3, 000, you get free delivery. BUT, as they used Ta-Q- Bin courier, the box provided is relatively small. To pack the whole TWD3,000 worth of food items in one box is impossible and an additional box would cost you TWD130. So what you can do is to pack those bulky items in the box, while the balance you can pack them into your shopping bag and carry them back to hotel. If you don’t mind spending more for ease of convenience, you can pack them all in with the additional box.

The other issue you have to take note is on the delivery timings. We understood that the Ta-Q- Bin delivery operates 24 by 7 in Taiwan, which is something good to compliment. But do give them an
allowance of at least a day to arrange for delivery. I believe if the delivery arrangement is tough, they will not encourage you to deliver the food items to hotel too.

Not only are the iron eggs, the fish crackers are good too. It has the non-spicy against the spicy
types. They are all well-liked by Singaporeans!

Famous Ti Hu Da Shi store @ Tamsui Old Street

Fish crackers from Ti Hu Da Shi store
Ah Po Tie Dan (“阿婆铁蛋”)

I wish to recommend one shop that sells souvenirs where the Chinese zodiac animals are glued onto
a pebble. You can have a family tree on a rock based on you and your family’s Chinese zodiac animal.

You can also bring your own pebble to the shop and they will create your family tree for you too!

That’s one of the creative creations by them that we don’t see back home.

Family zodiac animals on a pebble

Name card of the zodiac animals’ creation shop

There are many other shops that could catch your attention and you might find some familiar brands around, such as the Naraya shop. Yes, if you want a Naraya bag but you are not heading to Bangkok anytime soon, here’s the alternate place where you can grab one. Pricing wise is somehow similar to Bangkok, just the exchange rate difference only.

Naraya shop @Tamsui Old Street

On food wise, I have a recommendation by my friend for vegetarians. This shop sells yummy vegetarian food for vegetarians or if you wish to have vegetarian food on that very day. Their red vinegar vermicelli tastes awesome! (Note: For a vinegar lover though) Fret not! They also have soup stuffs and other specials too. Do check out the menu for more details.

Vegetarian stall @Tamsui Old Street

Vegetarian menu

You can also see some religious landmarks (i.e. a temple and a church). There is a saying where the grassland is usually greener on the other side. It can be applied to many aspects. Even the landmarks overseas looked nicer. But of course, each of them had their own uniqueness.

妈祖庙 @ Tamsui Old Street
Canadian Presbyterian Church @ Tamsui Old Street

These landmarks are usually the hot spot for wedding photo shoots as well. It was lucky to see one couple having their wedding shoots at the church area on that day and it happened that the wedding photographer was a friend of mine. His photography skills are awesome and I can vouch for that.

You may grab his details from me if you are interested.

Wedding photo shoot

If you wish to lepak to rest & relax or find a clean washroom, this Starbucks by Tamsui River is the best choice! Grab another Starbucks drink, sit at level 2 of the café and chill. Enjoy the sea breeze and spend some quality time with your travel mates. Best bonding time ever I would say.

Panorama of Tamsui River

There is a counter that sells ferry tickets to the Fisherman’s Wharf. Not only that, you can hear people shouting the ferry timings from far. Here’s where you board and alight the ferry to set sail to the Fisherman’s Wharf if you do not wish to take bus.

Ferry Terminal @ Tamsui River

I hope you enjoyed my introduction of Tamsui Old Street. There are many more corners available for exploration at this wonderful place. You can spend one full day here just by walking and sitting around for relaxation purpose. I can be sure that after you finish exploring this place, you will go back with a lighter heart. Just like what I have mentioned in the previous post. It is tested and proven somehow.

Try it and you will gain unexpected surprises and travel experience along the way.

Thank you for your time and stay tuned for the next introduction on other parts of Taipei!

Till then, be happy, strong and healthy to travel and discover more corners of the world that would surprise you in a different way.


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