Sleeping in a Box….Taipei

Recently, I just went for my annual trip to Taiwan and this time around I was there with a few comrades friends. With a tight schedule and limited resources, we did our best to try to cover as many new places that we can go to.

A few of us arrived on the first day to stay in a hostel which is what I am going to cover in this post, Sleepbox Hostel @ Taipei. Located in ZhongZheng District, Taipei. it was super convenient to walk from Taipei main station when we arrived from the airport via Kuo Kwang Bus Service. Due to a flight delay from Singapore, we arrived Taiwan about 3-4 hours later than planned, that took us by surprise but we were thankful that we gotten an accomodation in a familiar area. If you are walking underground, look for the exit Z4 and you will be on the right side of the area where you can proceed to look for Sleepbox hostel.

There is another shorter route which will be from Ximen station (take MRT Exit 2) then you can walk directly to Sleepbox Hostel 🙂 When we arrived the Taipei Main Station on the first night, it was already after 12am, there was no train service operating so we had to take the first option and walk from Taipei Main Station area.

When it is past opening hours as well, the underground doors are all closed, so it is important to prepare your map (via GPS) or physical map to find your way to the hostel. It is easy breezy I tell you.

Blue marks the spot (Sleepbox Hostel), red refers to the 2 areas which you can be coming from 🙂

It is always important to inform your accomodation the estimated time of arrival so that they are aware of you coming. Lucky for us, even though we experienced a flight delay, we managed to arrive at Sleepbox Hostel before 2am, that is where the reception will be closed for the day (phew!).
3 of us staying for the night, opted for the quad-sharing room with an ensuite toilet. Worth the deal, every single moment.

I would probably go again to try out the single box style which is similar to the capsule concept kind of accommodation. Sometimes when travelling in groups, it is much better to have a private room to ourselves. Apart from the privacy convenience, it is also being responsible towards other guests, cause in our excitement we may forget that we are sharing the room and make extra noises which may disturb others (Let’s face it, we are always excited when travelling).

After completing a simple check-in registration and payment, we were ushered to our room which took my breath away. I guess we were all tired from the flight and moving around but importantly the room and bed were so inviting.

The private 4-person room costs $3,200 TWD (weekday rates) which comes to about SGD$135 which works fairly affordable for our group.

Since we were only staying for a short night and we had to rush to get the early train out, I did not get to check out the other facilities in the hostel, that is why I must go there again or if anyone of you have great inputs about this hostel and you have personally stayed in. Please share the good thoughts with me.

Seriously, the bed was so comfortable that I just want to immediately sleep when I lie down. I have no idea how many thread counts are the bed sheet and what-not, but the material feel so soft and smooth with fluffy pillows to entice and rock me to sleep anytime I lay on the bed. 
Sleepbox hostel provided us with basic necessities like bath towel, face towel, tooth brush/toothpaste, shower foam/shampoo and even a hairdryer. There were bottled water and a water boiler as well. There is nothing bad which I can say about the shower room which have a functional hot and cold water outlet. The one thing I have to emphasize in Taiwan is that their toilets may not take foreign objects which includes….toilet paper, so there is always a bin inside the toilets for you to dispose your tissue ( I mean Eww but yeaaa, ikr)
The room is very well-maintained and aircon is good and strong which we have the remote controller to adjust it ourselves. Minimally, this place has earned a good 5 stars from me.
There was a cool red mini fridge which we can store our cold food and drinks as well. With a big flat screen TV, where sadly we did not have the time to watch but well who needs a TV we are on holiday here yaw. 

In Taiwan, like Singapore or Hongkong it is a place for shopping and eating haven. But one great thing about Taiwan is that even in areas where there may not be much eateries there is bound to be a convenience shop. They could be 1 door or even 2 doors down from each other. Talk about competition, there must be something that they can have a healthy competition with each other on the same level. 3 main convenient shops to look out for will be: 7-Eleven (aka Seven), Family Mart and Hi-Life. 
We went down to Seven just across the road since we were all hungry and did not have a proper meal upon reaching Taiwan. So we were on a food hunt in Seven. Fret not, for my vegetarian friend or muslim friends. Over the past 10 years as I have been to Taiwan yearly, I saw how they are opening up to tourists and friends from all over the world. There is now a proper prayer’s room in the main station. The nearest Halal food selling authentic beef noodles/dumplings were located in prime area like Kaifeng Road. Gone were the days when I had to travel far to search for halal taiwanese cuisine or simple Mediterranean cuisine which were halal.
In Seven itself, most of the instant noodles are not halal and they used pork lard or real meat inside the noodle, so that is definitely a no-no. They are also famed for their oden which is served piping hot but there are also unwanted food present (such as pork blood or meat dumplings). A lot of food is a no-no but let me share with you what is available. They have hot piping corn on a cob, or sweet potato roasted on charcoal right in the store (Amazing right), there is a pot of herbal tea eggs (to die for…heheheh). 
Apart from the instant noodles which are not halal, they do sell the cold noodles which are vegetarian, which contains sliced cucumber, sliced carrot, sesame sauce, soy sauce and the cold noodles.
For me, the rice triangle is another not to be missed. It is basically onigiri which is stuffed with either tuna or salmon mayo or kimchi or even shrimp. Whatever rock your boat man~ Coupled with a big bottle of Yakult ahhh that makes my night go weeeee~
Now we have to head off to bed cause we gotta wake up in a couple of hours to meet another friend who is arriving from Singapore and then we will head out to Hualien.

Early morning, we did not get to explore other areas like the kitchen or the communal areas of Sleepbox Hostel so I will keep it to mind the next time I am here. Checking out was a breeze, we left the keycard with the reception and then we head out to the Bus Station.
Look at Jasmine, so fresh, so awake so happy and then look at Linko and me, so crappy, so sleepy, so hungry~ 

The next couple of hours will be spent travelling in the bus and train as we head to Hualien for our homestay.
Let me know what else would you like to find out about my taiwan trip or Sleepbox Hostel!

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.

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