LG presents Happy mother’s Day 2016

With Mother’s day coming, how are you showering the extra love and care for your Mom?
LG specially wants to present a helping hand this Mother’s Day. Why don’t you reward your lovely mom with the super cool gadgets by LG.

Stuck in an era of technology and speed, pamper her with the new LG G5 featuring the modular type design so that she can customize her own play experience. Of course, you can bundle for her the CAM Plus so that she can capture all the memories as keepsake pictures or attach the HiFi Plus to blast her favourite tunes while she is relaxing or spending quality time at home.

Price chart of LG G5 is S$988, Cam Plus S$158 and HiFi Plus S$298. However when you purchase the attachments together with LG G5, save up to 40% off and enjoy great savings.

If your mom is television kinda lady and she love to watch those Hongkong dramas or awesome Korean Dramas, then ask her to sit back and relax while she enjoys the LG Signature OLED TV and SH8 Sound Bar. Lift up her tv watching experience to another level as she immerse in the beauty and essence of the OLED TV. I am sure the high 4k resolution, bright highlights and surreal colours complements the superior audio delivery which will blow her mind away. With the OLED TV being as thin as only 4 stacked credit cards, I am sure this is going to further impress her with such a great gift. 😉

Typically of course on such a special day, we would like our mom to take a break from household chores and enjoy the day, but you can make it a cinch for her moving forward. Getting her the CordZero Hom-Bot Square will aid her in the cleaning daily. Mother’s day is just not today but it should be everyday. The CordZero Hom-Bot Square works better than any other conventional machine as it can reach corners more effectively due to its square design. Did somebody said multi-tasking? well we just want our mom to have more time to rest even on a busy workday…

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