TwinLaserTM HairGro Program by ClearSK

After bringing in the latest hair growth technology and programme, I was given the chance to try them out and so I did one awesome afternoon. Previously as some of you have read, I did the ClearSK EyeGlow treatment and today I am back at their ClearSK Premier Centre for the TwinLaserTM HairGro Program.

For my session, I was told that I would be doing the mosaic laser + Serum Infusion. Though it first sounded kind of scary with laser and infusion being mentioned, I was assured by the doctor and beautician that it is a non-invasive treatment which supposedly works wonders for the scalp. Since not being the first time there, I was happy to see the familiar faces of the therapist who were there from my previous visit.

But did you know that although it is normal to be dropping hair daily while washing or sleeping or combing hair, but any where above 100 strands per day means it is time to check out with an expert! Nature have it that we have a hair cycle of hair growth, hair resting and hair fall but when it gets out of control that is where people may experience hair loss which can lead to balding or receding hair lines.

First and foremost, I was given a relaxing hair wash and massage. Honestly with all due respect I thought ClearSK was only dealing with facial and beauty programmes (for slimming, etc). So when I was offered the chance to try out the hair care treatment I had to confirmed that it was the ClearSK that I know of. Apparently, they started to bring in the latest machines and included the treatment into their platform about a year ago and so it is a fairly new wing on their side. That was why, during the stage of hair washing and scalp massage, there is not much which I can say of as personally I would feel that a hair wash at a salon would be more different and better. Truth be told, it might be new for the therapist even to be dealing with hair treatments altogether.

The next stage was blow drying and waiting for the doctor to proceed with the mosaic laser. As with most medical treatments, only doctors are qualified to be using the laser machine and perform the treatment. They used a machine to analyse my scalp and find out more about what I think that my scalp condition is like. My condition on a scale of 1-10 is like bleargh 8 from the bottom, like I mean the multiple bleaching I did in 2015 left my scalp wounded and scarred T_T. I told a few of my friends that I am NOT going to do any hair colouring in 2016 till my scalp gets better so I am doing regular scalp treatment twice a month to fasten the recovery.

As you know, a healthy scalp is an important ground for healthy, luscious and glowy hair. Ahh those were the days when my hair felt like straw/hay when it was blonde. No matter how much treatments or conditioners that I used, my hair was never going to be normal.

If anyone of you have tried doing a scalp analysis before, I must share the feeling of anxiety and excitement as the doctor/therapist probe your scalp with the magnifying handpiece and on the screen it show your skin as it is magnified to thousands of depth (I am paranoid and disgusted by it, I know). Then as the results are printed on a slip of paper, we wait unquestionably for the fate of our scalp.

Doctor May shared with me about how my scalp is normal to dry yet I have sensitive scalp in some areas which I am well aware of. For ladies, there are normal thinning hair areas which may be in the crown or receding hair lines or even patches especially along our hair parting. Since I do not have such obvious patterns but patches along my parting lines, Doctor May did the laser to focus on my crown area for a start. Pardon the messy hair as Doctor May flips left and right as she used the laser machine to deliver the pulse energy onto my scalp. Before she begins, she explains the sensation that I would feel and while she was doing it, she always made regular checks with me as to how am I doing. To me it felt similar like a BBL/IPL treatment that everytime it clicked, I can feel 1001 pins poking me but do not be alarmed, it does not hurt at all. In fact, it was quite soothing and relaxing. Doctor May kept talking to me during the whole process, explaining the treatment, the whole process and why is it being done that way. It was like the most education 15 minutes ever that I have encountered. Talk about multi-tasking with value-added services!

The Mosaic laser treatment (M Fractional Hair Laser) helps to encourage hair regrowth, the mosaic laser simply creates microscopic wounds to stimulate rejuvenation process without harming the surface scalp area. Studies have proven that fractional treatment of the scalp helps to stimulate new hair follicle cells formation as well as convert hair cells from  telogenphase to  anagenand remain in that phase. After a good 10-15minutes, it came next to the Serum Infusion stage.

The essence type serum which is a high concentration product was applied and massaged lightly to absorb then I was “fixed” to another machine which also works with laser to aid the absorption of serum into the scalp better. This was a good 20 minutes as the machine created a kind of vacuum and release as I sit underneath it. The process is called the Hair Infusion laser, whereby it uses a wavelength of 650 and 808 nm to regulate and repair the scalp leading to a healthier scalp with improved blood circulation. In order for our body to be healthy and well, the flow inside is important so this applies to our scalp as well.

Post laser infusion of serum and vitamins help to lock in the nutrients and get it to work for the next few days. After the whole session ends, I was advised to avoid any strong hair products for the next 2-3 weeks and I will take additional care by not being exposed to direct sunlight for too long in the meantime.

Usually, it will take about a couple of sessions (approximately 6 sessions) with a fortnight gap apart for the whole treatment to work properly. On the whole, after going through the treatment I was just amazed that this was something which would probably be able to deliver results. This was because of the technology and the products which they were using that have been best sellers and highly recommended by dermatologists all over the world.

Well, you can find out more about the TwinLaserTM HairGro Program or about the other 5 Therapies available which would be suitable for you, you can call: +65 6100 6868  to find out more. You can also send in your enquiries here.

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1 Anagen Phase:Hair bulb stem cells which are actively dividing grows about 1cm every 28 days
2 Telogen Phase is the resting phase


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