LG Styler future closet finally unveiled in Singapore

Just moment before reading the rest of my post, you SHOULD really click on the youtube video above. No the screenshot is not a sham, you will definitely appreciate this video, I PROMISE YOU 😀
If you have finished watching it, let’s clap our hands together at the witty idea of LG promoting their newly launched LG Styler. (and Lee Minho of course;))

For the big announcement, the Innovative Styler by LG Electronics (LG) is now in Singapore. Having a humid and balmy weather in Singapore, this will be the answer to fashionistas and office-goers. Talk about futuristic standard of living and smart living, the marquee steam technology refreshes clothes in a fraction of the usual time. It also automatically sanitises clothes and eliminates more than 99.9 percent of bacteria and germs so that you can have clean, fresh-smelling clothes without too much chores to be done daily.

The Styler is equipped with LG TrueSteam™ technology that works to remove wrinkles and eliminate unpleasant odors remnants of smoke, food and sweat.Simultaneously, it works gently to sanitise your clothes too.

The striking feature of the Styler is the Moving Hanger which gently shakes clothes to remove wrinkles and leave clothes looking crisp. When activated, the hanger operates at 180 revolutions per minute and do not worry cause it doesn’t make any loud sound even when moving at such a fast pace. The other feature is the Easy Pants Crease Care to remove wrinkles found behind the knees after a long day and leave a perfect crease down the centre of each leg. Thus far, the LG Styler is the ideal solution for clothes that require special attention like suits/coats, blouses which we mostly bring to the dry cleaners. This brings efficiency to a whole new level as we get busy in our daily lives spending time at work and with our family where it matters.

Then you can Save Money! and also Save Time! 

The LG Styler has an excellent aspect which is the Gentle Dry with Inverter Heat Pump System. You can now gentle dry special-care clothing without worrying about shrinkage or damage. The low temperature drying system is perfect for drying everything from towels to cashmere sweaters. The best part have yet to come, save time since the gentle dry feature claims to achieve the same result of normal sundrying (est 12 hours) within one-twelth of the time taken.

For families with children or collectors of soft toys, the LG Styler is here for you too, just place the item inside the shelves of the styler and it can work its ways to sanitise and clean all the item inside. Especially during the period of haze, the dust settles on our clothes when we go outdoors, which means more laundry to wash and excessive spending on dry cleaners if we want to send our suits and jackets / office wear. Having the LG Styler, they are constantly striving to improve customer’s lives through innovative products and the commitment strengthens LG’s position as the leading brand in the global home appliance industry.

In order to keep up with the ever changing needs and trends in the market, the Styler offers the NFC Tag on feature, which allows users to download specialised cycles to their smartphone and upload them to the Styler. With that also is the Smart Diagnosis™ feature which will enable users to quickly and efficiently troubleshoot mechanical issues and make customer service visits or calls shorter and less frequent.
Stocking up in Singapore from June 2016 onwards, the Styler will retail at S$2,999 and available in white colour.

To summarise the key specifications:
  •    TrueSteam™
  •    Refresh & Odor Removal
  •    Easy Pants Crease Care
  •    Sanitary Care (BAF-certified and tested by Intertek)
  •    Gentle Dry with Inverter Heat Pump System
  •    Smart Diagnosis™
  •    NFC
  •    Capacity: 3 items + 1 pair of pants
I do wish that I can own one of this, with such a slim exterior, it will fit nicely in the living room or even match seamlessly with my bedroom closet. (“,)

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