We need to have a break sometimes, plan and reorganise our thoughts.

Our whole life seem to revolve around work. Work is a generic term which does not bound us to our desk in the office or reporting to that person called the boss. Living is part and parcel of working as well. As a student we work hard to get good results, as a child, work hard to learn to grow up and crawl, walk and then run. When we get into the working society, we work in exchange for that commodity called money.
So what is the difference between work at the age of 5, versus, 15 and then 25?
At each different phase of our lives, we are required to work but the returns that we get in exchange differs accordingly and the responsibility that we have following that also varies. When I was much younger and working hard for my results, it was for my future and my family to be proud of me. When I grew older and had bigger responsibilities, I started to work to ensure that the roof above our head stays solid.
The initial passion we have starts to leak out, when we do not look beyond the work that we are doing cause we are all caught in the race to run for the money. Some of us who thought we were in it for the passion gets drowned by the overwhelming pressure coming from all angles (higher costing, rising standard of living, inflation- whatever name or form it takes, we all knew the inevitable. If the work does not pay well, we cannot stay committed).
But then again, before you think that you are working your arse off with no returns, think again do you give appreciation to every little thing which comes your way. Every thing happens for a reason, be thankful.
Till we meet again.


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