How to get smooth and shine-free skin for Asians.

Like most of us staying in Singapore or in asian countries our weather is mainly hot and humid, which translates to us having either combination or oily skin. With that being said, as we maintain a beauty regime to apply multiple facial products on our skin, we may suffer a drawback of sensitivity or skin irritation if the products are not cleansed properly everyday.

That is why, I look for a gentle cleanser which I can use everyday and it will not dry out the natural oil from my skin.

Let’s talk about Biore Marshmellow Whip Deep Clean facial wash!

I am excited to try out the marshmellow facial wash for the first time. With just one pump, it automatically dispense foam which contains deep cleansing ingredients that thoroughly removes the oily secretion without drying my skin. The ultra fine instant foam also cleanses better and gently, it has been formulated with the newly improved skin purifying technology that retains moisture and skin suppleness. After every wash, my skin feels refreshed and smooth (and great-smelling too).

Even when I am travelling, the ease of bringing along Biore Marshmellow Deep Clean facial wash is super satisfying. All I have to do is pump 1-2 times onto my palm and massage onto my wet face. With a few rub and massage, then I will rinse thoroughly with water. Voila! My skin is now clean and shine-free. With oily skin, I will be faced with skin problems such as enlarged pores, black heads and acne. This continuously gives me a headache as I am left wondering what went wrong with all my skincare products, until I realised that the problem lies at the bottom. If I do not use a gentle cleanser on my face, washing my face everyday will strip the natural oil and in fact it will create more oil production.

Where to get it?

Bioré Marshmellow Deep Clean facial wash is priced at S$13.90 and it can be found at all pharmacies, hyper & supermarket, beauty stores, departmental stores and selected minimarts. If you would like to get more reviews on the amazing benefit of the Bioré Marshmellow Deep Clean facial wash, you can click here

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