Ways to obtain special healing at Yunomori Onsen Singapore!

Singapore launched the first Japanese Onsen and spa in Singapore this week and I was excited to get the chance to be there first hand to see it. Now, we may no longer need to travel overseas just to get the warm experience of an onsen (hot spring bath), since it is available right at our doorstep.

Here is how to achieve special healing and rejuvenation right in Singapore

1. Marriage of the top two best therapies and treatments: Japanese onsen and Thai Spa.
“Yunomori” which stands for “hot water in the forest” is renowned for its unique relaxation and rejuvenation experience. Bringing in the best renowned thai spa treatments coupled with the harnessing of the natural healing properties of mineral water, these aquatic therapies are relaxing and can cater to the health needs of everyone from athletes to elderly folks.

2. Customised baths for each specific health needs.
Yunomori Onsen boasts a total of 11 pools with six variations of baths and other facilities such as sauna, steam bath, massage and spa treatment rooms. The various forms of onsen pools include hot and cold baths, jacuzzi, silk baths, Soda spa, bubble bath, jet bath and more.

3.  Make this a unique family and lifestyle destination the next time you are planning for a family outing.
So that everyone can enjoy the authentic onsen experience together and take a short break from the hustle and bustle of life.

4.  Great for working adults and office-goers, the opening hours for Yunomori onsen is from 10am to 11pm. 
But we hear that the management are in the talks to plan to extend operating hours till after midnight later on. Rejoice my OT friends! People who love their work and always strive for overtime in office, you can still come for a good bath even if you end work late in future (Let us all pray for good news soon)

5. Authentic experience with numerous health benefits. 
As I was walking along the hallway towards the bath area, I noticed the interior design of Yunomori to be rich with elements of wood and natural materials, to help recreate a sense of nature found in forests. As for the numerous health benefits, when you start soaking in the baths, the mineral water can increase blood oxygen levels, improve circulation, reduce high blood pressure and also detoxify the blood.

6. Having your items safely locked and guarded in the lockers provided, after registration at the reception, a token (RFID tag) will be issued to you.
This will be useful when you need to access your locker, make payment for purchases of food and drinks inside the establishment. Everything operates on a cashless mode inside the place so drop everything that you have inside the locker and walk around with a peace of mind (let go of any baggage or worries outside too).

7. As everyone will be dressed to the occasion, which means in traditional Japanese Yukata be transported to another world as you step into Yunomori Onsen.
Everyone will be totally relaxed and chilled as if you are in a holiday resort. If you are wondering how to put on the yukata properly, the staff who issue you the various designs yukata for you to choose from will guide you on how to wear them. At the same time, inside each locker there is a pictorial instructions which you can refer to as well (so much thought going in there).

8. For a minimum charge of $38+, you can get access to a whole day of onsen bathing and you can try out the different variation of baths mentioned earlier on. 
Children & Seniors will also be able to enjoy a special rate of S$28+ to enter Yunomori Onsen. You can add-on massage and spa treatments from the Spa Menu available.

9. Spend the whole day there to rejuvenate, relax and yet still be connected.
Inside Yunomori, there is the onsen baths, spa treatment rooms, chill-out lounge area, an eating area serving scrumptious Japanese cuisine. Which means, by paying the minimal fee for the onsen bath, then you can hang out at the place to relax and unwind without being far from home. If you are hungry, head to the restaurant (which is also inside the establishment) where they serve exquisite dishes which you will definitely enjoy!

10. Made for Singaporeans who are the shy lot.
Like most of you, I am also shy to go into the full birthday suit style inside a public Japanese onsen. Of course to enjoy the full benefit of the mineral water and steam it is highly encouraged for us to go in butt naked but since it is new to most of us Singaporeans then they have kindly provided the option of disposable undergarments which you can wear into the onsen area to soak and enjoy yourself without any worry 😉

Here is an essential photo gallery of how the place looks like from the inside, of course during normal course of business no mobile devices are allowed inside (both for privacy issue as well as safety of your phone).

Photo Gallery by QuickGallery.com

To make a booking or to find your way to Yunomori Onsen & Spa, here is the address:

Yunomori Onsen & Spa Kallang Wave Mall
#02-17/18 1 Stadium Place
Singapore 397628
(Take escalator near the exit of Fairprice, Carpark B Area 3/4)
Contact number: 6386 4126/6385 7985
Opening hours: 10.00am – 11.00pm Daily

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