Be extra powered wherever you go #Mophie

Mophie has raised the bar again for mobile charging by releasing their newly improved powerstation line of universal batteries. At the recent media launch held in conjunction with Brand Cellar and HweeSeng (Electronics) Pte Ltd, I was able to be there to find out what are the newly improved function and products they have.

To find out what went on during the media launch,  check out the pictures:
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1- High impact protection and ultra-rugged power battery

With military grade protection, the rubberised support points inside of full case protection guards your phone from drops and hard falls. It is ergonomically designed to fit securely and comfortably in your hand. Mophie batteries hold their charge for longer than other external batteries.

2- If you know what is trending right now, it has to be rose gold!

The distinctly thin, noticeable lightweight provides everyday protection in a variety of colours, the mophie juice pack® reserve™ made for iPhone® is currently available in Black, Blue and Rose Gold (Pink/Purple unavailable here). It is designed with pass-through volume and power buttons as well as mophie’s proprietary mute switch, the juice pack®  maintains full functionality of the mobile device.

3- Have the desired battery life to have additional time on your phone.

The battery pack reserve gives you more than 60% extra battery. The juice pack® reserve™ is equipped with a powerful 1,840mAh rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery allowing users to enjoy up to 8.4 additional hours of talk time, 6.6 additional hours of web browsing, 6 additional hours of video playback and additional 30 hours of music playback.

4- Safety is the top priority.

Digital Power Managementalso known as smart charging circuitry. This provides your device with the perfect amount of power for a safe, quick charge. With priority charge & sync, the juice pack allows power to pass through to the device before it starts to recharge.

5- Extra battery with lesser weight to carry around.

If the compact juice pack is not what you are looking for, then mophie have in line the next generation powerstation lineup of universal battery solutions for mobile devices. These quick-charging devices present an elegant progressive design punctuated by a premium aluminium finish, and integrate with the mobile power management app, mophie Power. With up to 15,000mAh users will be able to choose from the multiple battery sizes to fit all lifestyles with dynamic on-the-go charging options.

Pass-through charging powers your mobile devices first before powerstation charges itself (for all sizes except 1X). Dual outputs (3X, 5X, and 8X) allow for simultaneous charging capabilities.

Plus, we have friends who would like to bring their phones along when they are at the beach or by the pool. While having fun swimming, your phone can be protected and charging as well. Tested to withstand rain, sand, storm and mud!

Another super plus point, people who wants to avoid havingaccidents inside the toilet! (clue: swimming handphones~)

“The juice pack H2PRO serves as a protective safety net for those who encounter life’s unexpected mishaps”
~ Daniel Huang, mophie CEO & co-Founder

Here are the product listing images in various colours, prices are also indicated inside the gallery
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