Classic food from Bazaar Ramadhan Singapore

From Rainbow bagels to cotton candy soft soda to smores dip and more. THIS year brings in a lot of unique and new goodies to the Ramadhan Bazaar Geylang Serai. But of course it is important to note that the classic food which we grew up with still exist and selling like HOTcakes (literally).

Going down for a “jalan-jalan cari makan” session in the evening after iftar (break fast) means you must be prepared for the jam and crowded area. Singaporeans being Singaporeans will definitely crowd around the hot favourites, just imagine the queue for the “Overdose” drinks, did not just end at 10 people, it went over~over my limit.

With a fixed budget S$50, I went out to try the different food with the friends at the Bazaar. When there are more people, then we can try all the different varieties of food being sold there!

Call me boring but I prefer to go for my classic food at Ramadhan Bazaar every year. It is just different from normal pasar malam since some of my friends have not tried them before, why go all fancy-pansy when all they wanted was to be introduced to the local bazaar food? Nonetheless, there are some classic food which have been spized up and I totally love all of them!

1. Then Ramly Burger, Now Tandoori Burger or Benjo Burger, Burger Percik

I decided to take one for the team and try the Burger Percik, which is simply Ramly burger patty with either percik or rendang sauce. It was awesome and taste so yummy!

For those of you who is not sure of what percik sauce is like, it actually comes from the classic “Ayam Percik” which is grilled chicken wing and slathered with the special percik sauce, it is savoury, sweet, spicy flavour that is rich with all the goodness!
I found the perfect stall this year with the Best ayam percik ever (located near the exit of Onan road), the chicken was grilled to perfection and slightly burnt which I like and the sauce was oomph la la~
pic from

2. Otah

A must have for my family, everytime I come down to the Bazaar. Piping hot, spicy otah!

3. Deng Deng (halal Bak Kwa)

Not a true fan but it has been around like forever, only reason is that the price is not worth the money. But still a classic nonetheless.

4. Tornado Potato

First trended in Taiwan and Korea, then it came to Singapore and surprisingly it stayed. Love this with the spicy chili powder giving it the additional kick to the fried potato spiral

5. Grilled Squid

Now we talking, how come I never see such big sotong in the market to cook at home but here well here, there are grilled and deep-fried ones. Eat to your satisfaction!

6. Vadai and all fried finger food snacks

Vadai, fried chicken thigh, neck, skin, prawns, crab, liver, gizzards. To me the batter that they use to fry them is all the same but I love all of the different choices, I mean they ARE different!

7. Kebabs

It feels like if there is Ramly burger, there will also be kebabs coupled with Turkish ice-cream. To be honest, I will give Singapore’s kebabs 3 out of 5 stars and overseas 4 out of 5 stars. Singapore only lose out cause the size is so much smaller which translates to minimal fillings >_<. But when I ate it overseas they were so generous with everything from the meat to the veg to the sauce, the only thing would be the taste!

8. Nachos!

This seem to be something new that caught my eye but to me all of us have that senorita soul inside all of us…cha cha cha!

9. Kuih Muih (malay goodies) / Malay main course meals

10. Freshly made Popcorn & Candy floss

11. Colourful non-carbonated soft drinks

My only favourite will be the blue coloured drink, normally labelled as blue coral or blueberry but honestly to me it just taste of sweet sugary water. I also love the bottled bright yellow corn drink. This year the colours are all mixed up, honey dew is yellow too, similar to durian and corn! Check the labels properly before buying.

12. Katira drink

This is one drink which I learnt from young and it is sold widely during fasting month which is actually good for you. Strengthened with its cooling and medicinal properties, the drink is supposedly made to drive away the “heat” in the body and counter toxic in the body, making it beneficial to drink during the fasting period. The ingredients are simple like katira, basil seeds, condensed milk, malva nuts but interestingly it is not easily available during other times.

Pic from The Malay Kitchen

13. Thai Iced Tea

This drink of course became popular from Thailand, but then I am thinking that since malays generally like sweet drinks, Thai Iced tea is here to stay! While the night may be hot and you may get sticky perspiring from the outing, you can never say no to a cup of thai iced tea ๐Ÿ™‚

Would you go for the up and current hot trending food during Bazaar Ramadhan or would you patiently wait for it the next year if it survive where people would have already gotten into the next hot bandwagon?

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photos source: Engeliz and Zsiti


If you are up for a challenge, go and try the Korean Spicy Ice-cream! I don’t really like it but I don’t hate it either BUT I will never want to eat that again XD

Looking harmless right there but the taste…WOOH POWER!

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