Your definitive guide to getting a Father’s Day gift

Father’s Day is around the corner on 19th June 2016, falling on a Sunday it makes a perfect time to plan a family day together to celebrate the Man of the house!

Just as everyday should be Mother’s day, Father’s day should also be everyday. Respecting and being filial to our parents are the top priorities as a beloved child of theirs. Remember that one day, we may become parents too. Showering our dad with extra love and care on such a day is just one way to create bonding and family chemistry with each other at home. Amidst our busy schedule, this is a day to just remind us that work will never end and will never go away, so appreciate humans/people we love around us cause life is short and no one knows what may happen tomorrow.

Be it your dad has the liking for the finer things in life or a taste for music or is a techie person then LG have the right array of products suited for him! Their slogan “Life’s good” is also target to achieve efficient and consumer-centric innovations fit for the whole family.

The products below are LG’s personalised products which I would like to recommend as gifts for your dear fathers!

Recommended Retail Price: S$988
LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O Play
Recommended Retail Price: S$298
LG 360 Cam
Recommended Retail Price: S398
LG Signature OLED TV
Recommended Retail Price: S$12,999

SH8 Sound Bar
Recommended Retail Price: S1,099

LG Styler
Recommended Retail Price: S$2,999
LG Sound360
Recommended Retail Price: S249
No matter what, I’m sure your dad would love to have you and the family together and take this time to appreciate all the love and hard work that he have put into building the family. You can find all the listed LG products at most good electronic stores, like Best Denki, Harvey Norman, Courts, even online platform such as 
Enjoy this day with your loved ones and till then…remember to follow me on my social media:
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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.

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