Home away from Home, Yankin House

During my trip to Yangon, I stayed around a few places to cover and explore different areas. For the last few days, I booked via AirBnb to stay with one of their hosts which I found via the app. The room cost USD15 (S$21) per night.
Being on a solo trip, I had enough of staying with other people in guesthouses and hostels for the earlier part of my travel so usually for the last lap of the trip I would opt to stay in a private room.
Since I had to go straight to the airport from here, I chose the location to be situated halfway near town as well as the Yangon International Airport (approximately 7-10mins by car).

Pic taken from AirBNB, Yankin House profile

Upon arriving the Yankin House (literally that was the name of the place), I would describe it as a quietly tucked away house in between two roads which is crowded with other low-rise apartments. But I am thankful that the house is also away from the noise of the bustling activities downstairs or the main road. The house is a simple, 2 storey building with 3 bedrooms on the second floor where my room is located. The one rule in the shared room of this place is, it is open to female only (sorry guys). The homeowner is a very helpful lady who is quick to reply to my enquiries whenever I had any. Although check-in was supposedly at 1pm, I did ask if I can leave my bags there or just hang around the place since I was arriving from Bagan at 8am in the morning!

I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived in the early morning, they allowed me to check into my room and rest since it was available (I have been to certain places where they do not allow me to check-in even if you are willing to pay extra or the bed is available, I totally do not get that policy).

Staying with the housekeeper who is a loving old lady, she could not converse in english and just one day before arriving, the house owner dropped me a message that they had to go to Japan on a last minute notice!

Well, if at first I was worried by the time I was there, everything was cool. They had the help from someone whom I believe works with them or maybe a neighbour (I don’t know) to liaise with me, the couple spoke english and help me to settle in. Right from the bus station which was about 30 minutes away, I called them to get their help so they can inform the taxi driver where I should be going. Once I reached the place most of the things and places inside the house, I kinda figured it out by exploring by myself 😉 Communicating with the housekeeper (let me call her Auntie) was another matter, a lot of gestures and hand sign went into play. Wifi, taxi, breakfast, laundry…you name it, we “talked” about it.

Breakfast was provided on a daily basis. After the first day, Auntie knew that I do not take pork or meat in fact. I spent about 5 minutes asking if the soup have meat or not, because I thought I saw a dark coloured substance inside which kinda look like beef. SO I whipped out my phone, googled a picture of a pig, cow and chicken (just to be safe). And I made a big cross with my arms to show her…Dun Wan THESE…:D. The next few days, I realised my breakfast were all vegetarian and fruits hahahahah. But I love the presentation and the full set of healthy meal which keeps me full till lunchtime while I am out exploring during the hot season. But on the otherside, most of the time I do not wake up early just for the breakfast. I would sleep in or get out early to be on the road, but I must capture at least 1 pic of the breakfast set presentation Auntie made for me.

Here is a crap drawing of the layout of the kitchenette/laundry room

Before we go to my room, let’s give them a round of applause on the strong and stable wifi throughout the period I was there. The first pic on top shows the layout of the kitchenette/laundry room (please pardon that crap drawing of mine), and the rest of the pictures are the shown in an anti-clockwise coverage for that area (well, I tried). There was one night when the power tripped (that is common everywhere) but the back-up generator came back up within the new few minutes. On the same floor as the rooms, there was separate kitchenette/laundry room and the bathroom is also here. Let me tell you, one reason I chose this place was because of the bath tub! I planned to have a good soak during the last lap of the trip. Just soak and enjoy~

Since there was not many people living in the house, I was more free to purchase groceries and drinks to place inside the fridge. Getting cold drink is a challenge outside since it gets hot the next minute due to the unforgiving weather.
So I stocked up on red bull, OJ, water and some yogurt even. I even went to the extent to buy instant cup noodles and there are a lot of Halal food in Yangon, I am not even kidding about that. I have made this house home for a few days so I gotta do the necessary.

Inside my room, I had my personal air conditioner, shelves to keep my stuff and there were plenty of place to hang my stuff/clothes. At first, I was a bit sceptical of the mosquito net on my bed. Cause I am like “nah, I am not going to open my window so why would I need that net?”. Then while sitting on the floor, i gotten a few bites then I know THAT NET is a NECESSITY!.

During night time, I slept like a baby, the room was cool and cosy with a small night light and no distraction from mozzies!

If you were wondering why I had to sit on the floor, well the room was small and just nice for one person, so in order for me to enjoy my snacks and some food I sat on the floor. Of course I do not want to invite pests by leaving crumbs on my bed. But that was when I got bitten by the mosquitoes. The next time I ate, I went to the living hall where there was aircon and TV as well.

One thing that I took away from my Myanmar trip was that, Burmese were very kind people who keep to their promise. A few occasions I made a promise to a taxi driver or just the owner that I needed something a few days away and I do not have to remind them or worry that it will not happen cause they do. The way they keep the request to heart, makes me feel touched that their service was amazing beyond words. Since this trip was not long enough to cover other parts, I will be making my here again next year if all goes well.

Now, when you are looking to book an accommodation, what are the things that you would consider? Price, location, facilities, amenities, etc? If these are your main “filters” that you work around with, then let me give you S$25 to book for your first accommodation on AIRBNB, click on this link: www.airbnb.com.sg/siti to register and claim that S$25 credit and make your next travel booking!

PS: if you have not watched my Myanmar vlogs, you can watch them here.

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