Real hacks to cook food inside hotel room

Apart from my solo trips, I do travel with friends at times and when we stay in hotel rooms that is where the adventure begins. I mean since we are on a holiday sometimes all we want to do is rest and eat without spending lots of money.
Personally, I would spend on visiting places of interest, or unique attractions. Paying for food have not been my top priority ever so it is more to keep me full and have the energy to travel around and explore.
So, I was curious when I see articles online showing how we can cook in hotel rooms and I was excited to try it all out and everything. Here are the proven real hacks which I personally have done and tried it!

First and foremost, it is a must for me to visit the supermarket in different countries. I mean, let’s face it, there are just some cool things which we do not have here in Singapore or it is simply more expensive here. I totally love the European and Australian supermarket, with all the ready to eat food and ample choices of desserts off the shelves, I’m loving it!

It is a plus point of course, if the hotel room have a fridge that means you can stock up and have your meal menu covered for a couple of days. Technically, you would save money that way too or just that some hotels do not have 24 hours room service and you know that time of the night when you feel like munching something~

1- Hard- boiled eggs

With a water boiler, add in sufficient water and add the eggs. Time properly in order to get the perfect egg that you would like. There are ways which you can have soft runny eggs, and that is when you let the water boil first subsequently place the eggs inside the boiler (be careful of splashing HOT water droplets) and let the water boil again (approximately 5 mins) to achieve the perfect runny boiled eggs.

2- sous vide egg,

Gentle note: clean your sink first, even though the food is placed inside a ziplock bag, it is just a need for me to clean that sink though. add in the hottest tap water and while I add boiling water from the boiler regularly to keep the water hot. This was one of the longest test I did which I would not want to attempt again cos it was not that easy. Simply put running the water on low heat would definitely work better. But the end result was the creamy yolky egg and soft egg white. You can easily get salt and pepper from the hotel, so adding some of it makes it perfect!

3- Half-boiled egg

Unlike the hardboiled or sous-vide egg, this is the basic way of eating eggs like Singaporeans do for breakfast. Pour hot water over the eggs and keep them covered for about 5-8 minutes. This will create the most heavenly half-boiled eggs ever. I would love mine served with soy sauce so if I can’t get it then yeah it depends on my resources.

4- Egg mayo sandwich

Similar to the boiled eggs, that I mentioned earlier on. I hardboiled the eggs all the way, and then add some mayonaise and salt/pepper to have it with bread for breakfast/tea time if I am in the hotel room!

5- potato salad


6- Hot curry

Now, this may not come as a surprise but canned food at supermarkets are ready to be eaten but I do like my food warm if not hot. So with whatever container (bowls etc) that I can find, I submerge the whole can into hot water for a good 3-5 minutes before consuming. (Do take note that the can will be HOT!). There are many options of canned food like curry, sardines, olives, pickles, meat, etc depending on where you are at. Oh, and if I do not have any container in the room, remember that trusty sink 😉

7- Salmon

Now this was an achievement and it works only with fresh salmon cuts. Frozen takes forever and to thaw it out for so long outside the fridge is not my desired option. Using a ziplock bag, it is the same method I did with the sous vide egg. I place them into the sink and added hot water. Till I see the colour of salmon changes to a slight pink on the outside, I will open the bag to check the centre. I love my salmon like how I love people, cooked on the outside and raw on the inside (that is why it is important to get fresh salmon from the supermarket).

8- Instant noodles/pasta

Do I need to even cover on this, if you are cooking cup noodles then you have it all done. But if that packet of instant noodles just tempts you like nobody else, then have the water boiler ready. Oh did you know as long as your plastic packet is not punctured, you can use it as a bowl or simply have a ziplock ready to cook your food and consume directly  from the bag.

If you are in for some pasta, then all you got to do is boil pasta inside the boiler and then pour sauce over when hot to eat, aglio olio works well too if you have olive oil/sundried tomatoes/olives/cheese. A simple meal put together like A-B-C.

Now, all these method will not be an issue if your room happen to have a microwave oven cause sometimes microwave saves lives by giving us food 😉 (Remember not to eat microwave food regularly as it may have certain health risk involved).

Now do you have any idea/food that you have tried cooking inside the hotel room, or have you tried the iron method (Personally, I am weak when it comes to heat, so using the iron and aluminium foil scares me away cause I do not want to burn me hands~ T_T)

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