The battle between Deliveroo Vs FoodPanda Vs UberEats

Like most Singaporeans, aside from all the convenience of finding many various type of food. Aside to direct deliveries from fat food joints or restaurants, we are used to hearing names like deliveroo, foodpanda, etc.
In this blog post, let me share with you the pros and cons of each platform and which emerge as the winner in my opinion! ❤
Let us begin with a simple infographic of the flow of process when we visit any of the three food delivery platforms, namely: Deliveroo, UberEATS and FoodPanda.


In terms of the varieties of restaurants, I was spoiled for choices. Inserting your postal code will bring up a long list of restaurants around your area which can deliver to you whatever that you need. Just on Deliveroo alone, I gotten back more than 150 options of food ranging from Asian cuisine like Japanese/Thai to Western food. Convincingly, all three platforms have a delivery time range between 25mins to 50 mins.
Only FoodPanda is more established with filters that work with restaurants or cuisines. Basically, finding Halal food on Deliveroo and UberEATS were near to impossible with the minimal option available. The samples are all shot at the same postal code.


To encourage a cashless payment system, all three system allow for card payment which brings the ease when ordering food with them. Upon delivery as well, payment have already been made and we can just focus on the most important thing, checking the food is delivered safe & sound

Some people do not like to input card details online and prefers cash payment. This option is only available to FoodPanda and not to UberEATS or Deliveroo.
Waiting period:
After confirmation and payment of orders online, there will be an email to notify that they have received the orders but we would have to wait for the restaurants to pick up the order and there will be another email/ text message sent to “confirm” the purchase.
On significant thing that was noticed is that for orders made in CBD areas during lunchtime, the whole flow of process will be much faster as compared to the rest of the location and time.

We have heard of reviews where the email notification did not come in or there was no confirmation after more than 15 minutes. Always bear in mind the various options such as Live Chat/ Hotline/ Email, then it will be stuck on a waiting game. To be honest, it depends on the whole system if something is screwed up somewhere but wholesomely they have a minimum standard practise towards customer excellence.

Delivery Charge:

UberEATS currently charges you for the varying food prices depending on the restaurants only. Their area of coverage for now is also still small (basically, CBD area, Tg Pagar, Orchard and River Valley. Their fix time schedule is only between 11.00am-10.00pm daily.
Deliveroo have a charge of S$3 (inclusive of delivery fee and card transaction charge) for otders over S$25.00 Anything below S$25.00 there will be a surcharge of S$5 being added to your total bill.
As for Foodpanda, delivery charges depends totally on the restaurants. Some of the eateries even offer free delivery!


Unlike Deliveroo and UberEATS which function solely on their own, FoodPanda also partners with This translates to more savings when you spend on ordering food via FoodPanda! 
More cash rebates and moneyback the more you spend.

If you have not got your free account on Shopback, click here. You can get immediately up to S$10 upon your first purchase (aye, so your first meal, on me yaw!). This is super convenient and makes for an efficient shopping and ordering spree!

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