8 reasons why I will download Pokemon Go and why you should too!

If you have been on the face of earth, you would definitely have heard the craze of Pokemon Go game going around. It is a classic, childhood game that most of us grew up with and yes it is now literally a whole new sensation!
Pokemon Go is an official app game that combines with virtual reality. Growing up with two brothers, it is inevitable for me to avoid these pocket monsters. Instead of just playing masak-masak, barbie dolls, polly pockets, I get to meet pikachu, charmander, squirtle just to name a few (cute ones!).

Waiting excitedly for Pokemon Go to be available fully in Singapore, I wanna be the very best~

1. The rules are simple: Just gotta catch ’em all. My kind of game is where no lives are lost and I do not get over excited or basically “mai kanchiong ah”

2. Stress relief when seeing all the cute monsies….but what if I get the horrible ones….I don’t know if I can give them away..hmmm. There is no way to lose in this game except when the Pokemon does a prison break from the balls. Like the chance of that happening is going to be so high with me since I can be quite careless nonetheless I am still gonna be the very best!

3. A chance to meet new people and make friends. Get to a place, search for a pokemon, meet a competitor have some friendly match and see which ball tempts the monster, friends? no?

4. It is the next best thing to get on the bandwagon. Rather than having to queue up for some food in Singapore heat, let us just get onto this Pokemon Go game please. I am going to ensure Pokemon strive in all the cool places, MBS, Ce La Vie, Gardens by the Bay, ION…

5. Reports have stated in US that Pokemon Go has been downloaded more times than Tinder itself. WOW! I mean, what else can we learn from that? Simply, no balls are more attractive than PokeBalls #simple

6. We are living the future, blending reality with virtual reality. Won’t you be wondering, next time do we have to buy food to really eat or we can just click some pictures and be full, hmm I wonder~

7. Creating the demand and supply, when more users open the app at a certain place, then it will be activated to have Pokemon hiding in that area, won’t that mean we will get to explore and discover hidden gems along the way?

8. Since there will be trainers and masters what not, will there be any position in Team Rocket open? Even if they are not recruiting, does anyone wanna join my Team Spaceship and we can take over the world, one Pokemon at a time (only cute ones)

As excited as everyone else, I can’t wait to get the Pokemon Go on my phone. Just be ready everyone who have limited data plan, you would not want to be paying way over the limit just cause of some lil’ monsters. Peace!

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.

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