Who you gonna call? Summer Release: Ghostbuster 3

If you are used to zombies and the walking dead in every latest movie release, be ready for the return of the classic Ghostbuster 3. I can clearly remember how spooked I was with part 1 and 2, not that I was scared stiff but the imagination of ghost appearing everywhere from underground subways to dark alleys to old musuem and even libraries. That kept me intrigued and  devoted to watching ghostbusters because they always answer the call to solve the strange happenings.

When trailers of ghostbusters 3 came out, firstly I was thrown back by an all girls troupe, let’s face it GIRL POWER right! Then toss in a lil’ bit of Chris Hemsworth, now that is sweet!
I was curious how will the storyline was going to be, would it be the cliche ghost on the rampage, needed heroes but no one believes in the warning of the ghost catchers and finally BAM ghostbusters come out to play with ’em and save the city!

These were the memorable moments from ghostbusters 3 which tickled my funny bone or got me reminiscing about the old ghostbusters, I mean the shows were out when I was born (’84).

1. Now Patty and Abby are my total FAV, it is like my alter ego split into two. Seriously, I could not watch them without laughing out loud and rolling on the floor. Okay, I was in the movie theatre so I can’t literally do that.

2. Classic “Let’s Go” moment. Heroes are here to save the world, regardless of any situation they must shout “fighting” together and somebody have to say “Let’s go”. That is a cool Ecton-1 car anyway (or a hearse per say).

3. Bring in the hot nerdy receptionist, woah a Hemsworth makes it all worth to watch! Oh yeah! This was the typical possessed moment that turned him from nerd to HAWT!

4. Is it just me or that proton pack is shooting pink beams? I mean I got the girl power part but this is over the top! Honestly this made me feel like “I can be a ghostbuster too” but first let me overcome my fear of ghosts..okay not ready..be right back next time.

5. Why do humans always refuse to listen and learn? It makes me wonder that is it because we doubt ourselves so much that anything that appears out of the extraordinary need to be seen, heard or felt first before we believe? Look at oxygen, oh wait you can’t but we are alive and breathing because oxygen is all around us~

6. At first look, this was like marshmellow man to me but is it just me or he have aged after 30 years looking more rile and old and slimy…

7. What is girl power without some actions right? Ghostbusters 3 produces a few more cool gears that you can come into contact with the ghosts and buzz some a*s. Abby was typically the main action woman with the exaggerated movements with each victorious move. Not tiring to watch but typical, super typical of such comedic character.

Honestly, I thought that there would be a more than just a cameo of the previous ghostbusters team. But it seems the Director, Paul Feig and Screenwriter, Katie Dippold set out to move the movie in the original storyline but with no continuation of the first 2 series. The movie didn’t exactly fare to be a blockbuster hit or well-celebrated breakthrough, since reviews were saying that it lacked the component to be a big hit yet it is not a big fail either.
To me, it was a fun time laughing and having a break at the movies. Before watching this, I just completed a re-run of Ghostbusters 1 and 2, talk about reminiscing. in conclusion I would categorize this movie as a parody of Ghostbusters making it more appropriate.

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