Cathy Doll Make-up Daily Look review

Some of you know that I participated in the Karmart Asian Beauty Blogger Contest last month and I am grateful to have won third place for it! Thanks SampleStore for organising this event together with Karmart. Ever since I started to use their skincare and make-up products, I am pleased with the quality of their products that has inspired to write this post on a few of the basic make-up products which I use for my daily work look. Enjoy!

The products mentioned in these post:

Before I start using the base, I prep my face with my favourite Rosehip Oil and Laura Mercier face Primer ( it will not be mentioned in this post but separately if I do a comparison of face oil and face primer).

Step 1: Using Cathy Doll Cushion Oil Control, this gives my skin good coverage just like I am using BB or CC cream. It covers the blemish and pimple marks that I have 😦 and also mattify the skin allowing my makeup to go on smoothly.

Step 2: Next is to redefine my brows with Cathy Doll Triple Eye Designing. I don’t do eyebrow trimming and it is not to a state which I am displeased with the state of my brows #confident. The colour palette that I have is the Blonde Brown which makes my brows lighter and giving a softer look.

Step 3: For my daily make-up wear, I use a natural shade or matt gold for the eyeshadow base which in this case would be Cathy Doll Geisha Iroka Eye Colour Mousse and line my eyes with Cathy Doll Cutie Eyes Killer. Finishing it off, will be using the mascara which comes along with the Cutie Eyes Killer (2-in-1 eye make-up). As always, due to Singapore hot weather and my oily lids the eye make-up will smudge or create crease so if I am prepared to have a lasting eye-make up, I will prep my eyelid with my trusty Urban Decay eye primer. I also figured a hack for my eye liner where I want my winged tip to last for the whole day, I draw just the tip using the Cathy Doll Eyes Killer liquid eyeliner.

Step 4: For a slightly natural blush, I dab on using Cathy Doll C’est Bon Bon Cushion Blusher in the shade of chewy berry. It is just a slight pinkish tone with a light shade, thus it did not come off too much on my dark skin tone. The more that I dab on, the more vibrant and richer the pigment would appear on my cheeks.

Step 5: Last and finally the lips, I am currently in love with the Cathy Doll Lip Blur. If at first, I was blurred by the name Lip Blur, upon application I immediately gotten my clarification and answer! For the first time using the product, you would need to twist a few times to push the product our onto the sponge applicator. Applying the lip product on the lips gives a beautiful smooth and matt finish. The product also covers any lip crease and it does not appear as if the lips are dry or cracked. The product is also very moisturising on my lips!

The final looks of course is a very clean and soft look which does not go overboard when wearing it to office daily. Share with me on what do you focus on your daily look? Your eyes, nose or lips?;) eh wait a minute….

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