Happy National Day Singapore!

Singapore is turning a year older this month and I am so excited since it is a special month for me too!
What are your plans during the National Day Celebrations? Will you be at the National Stadium cheering on with everyone celebrating the Nation’s birthday or did you have no tickets so you can only enjoy it from the comfort of your home with your family like me? Some may even be travelling this period right?

Anyway, every year that we celebrate the day it is also a reminder of how much we are advancing as a nation. Getting more futuristic and techie apart from just growing old. We build our experiences as we advanced in age as well.

At LG, they have prepared a list of products to keep you updated with the move towards a better future. Be it dressing in style or capturing brilliant, lively memories, these are the things that we can access now using efficient and smart technology.

Tell me more, what kind of contents would you like to hear from me? Where do you want me to go and what should I try for you?

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.

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