Halal Mooncakes recommendations in Singapore 2016

With the mid Autumn or Mooncake festival coming soon, you will start to see a lot of Mooncakes promotion and sales going on. As most of you may know, the mid-autumn festival is the time of celebration which falls on the 15 of the 8th month of the Lunar calendar. On this day, the moon is believed to be at its brightest and fullest. The minimal celebration that we have seen in our times would probably be families gathering to have tea and mooncakes while enjoying the moonlight while children and some adults would be lighting lanterns of many shapes and design.

Now for my muslim friends, when there are food going around don’t you think it would be nice for us to be able to have a bite of it as well? Well, of course! That is why, I have searched for some halal options for us to enjoy! If you have any recommendations, please do share them with me as well. There are currently ongoing promotions with certain credit cards which I have also included inside the list below, do look out for the ending period if you are planning to get them!

1) Concorde Hotel Mooncakes. Not only for its name but the range of mooncakes that they have are not too little and not too many. I have seen those selling like a plethora of mooncakes that I get frustrated since I want to eat everything #greedyme. I have always been a fan of snowskin mooncake and I am so in love with Concorde hotel mini Japanese snow skin with mango praline and mini cheese and raisin snowskin. If you are planning to buy in advance to enjoy the promotional price, they also offer delivery at a nominal fee.

Early Bird Specials: Enjoy 20% discount for purchases between 3 – 21 August 2016 

Special Promotion for Pioneer Generation Card Holders: Pioneer Generation Card Holders can purchase a maximum of 2 boxes at a special price of $42.00 Nett per box*. Promotion not applicable for snow skin mooncakes
  • Available from 29th August to 9th September 2016 (Exclude Saturday, Sunday)
  • Free delivery will be provided for orders of 31 boxes and above to a single destination in Singapore (Exclude Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday, Sentosa and Jurong Island in Singapore)
  • $35 delivery charges apply for 30 boxes and below to a single destination in Singapore (Exclude Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday and Sentosa and Jurong Island in Singapore)

2) Prima Deli. Firstly let me say just how much I love their pies. A friend introduced them to me and once I have tried it, I never look back. Okay, so this post is supposedly about mooncakes; yeah their list menu has over 20 range of traditional skin and snowskin mooncakes. They have the option of mini or normal sizes for each variety as well. Talk about being spoilt for choices. I will lay down the brochure below for your viewing pleasure.

Early Bird special (5 aug -25 aug 2016): Enjoy up to 30% OFF and rebates with minimum purchase (refer to brochure below)

Special Promotion (26 aug -15sept 2016) Enjoy up to 20% OFF and rebates with minimum purchases (refer to brochure below)

3) The final vendor that makes this list will be Delcies Healthy desserts and cakes, it came up randomly when I was searching for other options instead. This is one brand which I would love to try. They exclaim their mooncakes to be organic, gluten-free, dairy-free and diabetic-friendly so maybe that is why they do not have snowskin option. BUT! just wait, apart from the traditional mooncakes they have the spiral flaky skin mooncakes aka Shanghai mooncakes. I am not so sure if this is not super popular in Singapore as not many of my friends have actually tried of this. The first time I tried it was when I ordered through a friend who bought in bulk from Malaysia. From then on, it was not easy to find another place selling it and having it to be Halal-certified.

Early Bird Discount Ends 14 Aug 2016 (Sunday – LAST EXTENSION): Enjoy up to 20% OFF

Share with me, do you have any particular mooncake flavours that you like? or which type of mooncakes do you prefer?

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.

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